About our expat life in Amsterdam

Yes it is true, I have not lived in a different country for 20 years or so 😀 haha, but still almost one year did we spend in beautiful Amsterdam and I want to share my story with you. 

When hubby got a job offer from a bank in Amsterdam, which wanted to come to Switzerland was it absolutely clear to him that he wanted this job. And he wanted us. (Me and our little back then 3 months old darling-baby). It was quite interesting that his job interview was in a different country and he had to fly there a few times. Luckily it is only 1.5 hours away from Zurich, which is quite close. So they got in to business and we decided to move all together there. They had planned this stay for 2 months.

So first we could choose the appartments, one was very big, included 3 (!) bathrooms, guest rooms inclusive spa, it was very close to a park and it was maisonette. The other one was quite small, in the middle of the city (5 minutes to everything!) but was great with baby buggie (it had a lift and so on). 

But hey of course I wanted the spa, the park and the maisonette 😀 Would you have chosen any different? So we moved there. Unfortunately I turned out that there were quite a few problems with this appartment. The wash machine (hello I have a business man and a baby!?) did not work at all, the stairs were dangerous high (especially with a little baby; also the maisonette thing turned out to not really be the right thing for the little one) 

So after a few days we decided that maybe the other appartment would be the better fit for our family. It was not dangerous for the small one to crawl around. We could easy do our purchase, the coffee store was in the same (!!) building. Halleluja! I almost cried to leave the spa zone. But so we moved and the new place was not too bad either. It was so close to all the shops and we had awesome neighbours also with a kid. That was awesome for us! This is what the new place looked like. It was quite nice as well :)

And this was our view when we walked around the corner.

It turned out that we stayed longer than 2 months. We stayed almost a year. We really enjoyed the time as a family of three. It was very intense. Especially when you’re not surrounded by your friends & family (I mean they visited – that was great) but I mean they were not always around. We also would have stayed in the greener neighborhood. Citylife yes. But close to the nature and in the green please. We felt like living in the centure (!!!) is a good fit for young singles or a young couple going out all the time. We are a young family :) we love the nature, the sea, we are always on the hunt for a nice playground, not the next disco 😉 ! You get me. If you want to know more about the city you can have a look at this post

I wish you a happy day!

Lots of love,

Mama Leone

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