How overthinking can help you! It’s a gift and you should take it!


If you’re anything like most of us people, you know you tend to overthink absolutely anything! I used to do that too all the time! And while I know it’s really hard sometimes and you get in crazy scenarios and situations in your mind all the time, I now really feel that this is a gift. And I have a technique to make you feel good about it. This blog post is for a dear friend of mine.

So here are my steps to heal:

  • You know you think too much.  That’s the first step. You realize you think a lot. Okay maybe sometimes it’s too much and you are able to scare yourself! Okay. Got that? You think! Lots. 😀 and you know it. That’s good to know. 
  • The second step, I feel is to accept, that you think a lot. Maybe sometimes too much. But that’s not the point here. You accept the way you are. In the end you’re the only YOU that you have in this world. So accept and try to love yourself. So you think a lot and this is okay. Are you still with me? It’s fine. Can you say it loud to yourself (everyday)? I think lots and that’s absolutely fine. Even if it’s sometimes not easy. I accept it. I think a lot. Is it freeing to just say that? And realizing nothing happens…. 
  • The third step is the following: When you realize, that your thoughts are power, you are in the position to give yourself the power. Was that clear? What I mean is if you realize that you can scare yourself with your thoughts – in reverse – this means you can also bring yourself joy, love or happiness with your thoughts. It’s not that it works only one way. If you can scare yourself. You can lift up yourself. DO IT! YOU CAN LIFT YOURSELF UP! JUST TRY! Also if it’s the very first time you do it! Just give it a try. You’ll see this works.
  • Train and train and train! Try to give yourself a happy thought every day. Every hour. Every minute. Whenever you’re in need of one. Make a little reminder on your computer in form of a  happiness post-it. Make a tattoo with your happiness reminder. Buy yourself a ring as a happiness reminder. Be with people that are happiness reminders. Buy food that makes you happy. You’ll see it’s a cycle. One happy thought leads to another and so on! 



Here are ideas to lift yourself up and give yourself a happiness-breeze!

  • Look at things that make you happy. Does not matter if it’s your boyfriend or a mandala or the sunset or an old photo. Include these things in your daily routine. 
  • Make your own happiness booklet! Include quotes you love and pictures you find that are happiness boomers!
  • Print some quotes and pictures out and hang them over your bed. They can help you visualize the situation you dream of!
  • Buy yourself flowers or a plant and be thankful!
  • Plan a vacation to a place you dream of!
  • Call a friend you love, just because! And say thanks!

and more inspiring things! 









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