On inspiration and why I deleted instagram


Inspiration is wonderful

Isn’t it a pleasure to get inspired by things, people, photos, other lives and human beings? While I’m absolutely in when it comes to inspiration it can reach a standard which is just too much. And  I personally experienced that this week.

I can admit it and I will admit it.  I was kind of addicted. And while I love having my phone around. I mean I check my (business) mails, I read books on my kindle, I sometimes even have time to check one or two inspiring blogs. And with these things I feel fine, sometimes when my girlie naps and she doesn’t want to do it alone I go with her and read a funny book. Or I listen to a powerful meditation or music I love. That works totally with me and I have a good feeling doing these things. But constantly checking what Kristina does or what Amy is having for lunch or where the blonde salad is jetting to, was too much. For me. In fact nice for them. I wish them all the best! I swear. But hey who cares about their dinner? Who cares about mine? Sorry but if I want to know something about them I check their blogs. That’s fine. But I  compared my life with theirs and felt not good enough and so on. But there’s no need for that! I love my life and I want this fact to stay.  I’m sure this sounds familiar to you. Have you been there too? Comparing?

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I feel release now that I have deleted it

I had a feeling that it was not good for me anymore since a few weeks. But then I always was like- I need Instagram for my blog, so I can bring some peops from insta to my blog. But let’s face it main traffic /  people don’t come via Instagram. We have the possibilty to check on that.  It was just a reason to not letting go of it. But I didn’t feel good about it anymore. I want to live. And to get inspired outside my Instagram. So I deleted it 12 hours ago and have caught myself already several times in need of an app showing me some people’s lunch. Desperatly in need of watching someone’s shoes, kids or hotel rooms or city trips. 

For now: I’m glad I deleted it and the main reasons I did it are: Distraction and Comparison. I want to focus. On me and on my family. On my life and on my projects. On the good things in my happy life. My time is too precious for that. And I want to take the excuses away of living my dreams. Instead of watching other people’s funky food I create my own. If I am in need of some pictures, I grab my cam and can still share some bits and pieces on my blog. Seriously. What do I have a vblog for;)?


Let’s meet in real life

The other ugly thing: Comparison. Poooh. I don’t even want to dive too much into that. I don’t want to compare my life to yours. Yours is perfect and so is mine. Everything unperfectly perfect. And what I even find more important is that I want to focus on my life. I have lots of things going on, I am working on myself and that gives me so much to do, that I don’t want to dive in yours. I don’t want to poke my nose in your details. Unless you tell me to and we talk. If we connect I love that. We can of course meet in real life, having real conversations and laughing instead of emojing. Let’s hang out in real life, let’s laugh, let’s drink a glass of wine, let’s have fun and dance! Let’s cook a great meal. Just for the experience not for the photo. Let’s hug instead of sending hearts. Let’s do it for your soul and for mine, for our kids and for our friendship. J

Of course taking pictures and keeping moments alive with that, is part of all of our lives and I want to miss on this. SO I’m posting some pictures of my iphone once a week right here. 😉 But let’s not forget to live instead of only prepping cute pictures. Let’s have fun also without our phones. I love you all!



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