13/100 Powerballs

Looking for something sweet yet healthy?! Here you are. Make some powerballs.

13/100 Powerballs
This is a recipe for (no bake) power balls! They are really really awesome and exactly the right thing if you crave sweets but want it still healthy.
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  1. dried cranberries
  2. raisins
  3. cherries
  4. goji berries
  5. some dats and figs
  6. 200 gramms desiccated coconut
  7. peanut butter
  8. agave sirop or honey (depending on your lifestyle ;))
  1. Cut the dats and figs and then put them in a bowl, combine with all dry ingredients and mix them.
  2. Also tasty inside are chocolate chips, cocoa powder, chia seeds, or other nuts than coconut, whatever makes you content. The amount of ingredients really depend on the amount of powerballs you want, you'll figure out what you need in the making.
  3. I think I used about 150 gramm desiccated coconut and added two hand full of all the above mentioned berries, than I added the agaves sirop (if you want you could also use here coconut oil or honey) Than I added peanut butter.
  4. Mixed thoroughly and formed balls.
  5. Freezed them for 2 hours, but also longer possible. After day one you can leave them in the fridge.
  1. You can use whatever you have at home. No desiccated coconut at home? Use almonds. No goji berries? Use raisins.
Mama Leone http://mamaleoneblog.com/

I hope you enjoy! wish you all a happy week! 

Lots of love, Mama Leone

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