What or who do you want to become when you grow up? I want to be the happy, healthy hippie-mom



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The happy, healthy artistic hippie-mom

The image I have of me-when-I’m-in-my-fifties-is the following: 

I live in a big house at the sea. I get up this morning and go into my big kitchen, where I find some leftover chocolate-croissants which I made the other night, because I couldn’t sleep more than 5 hours. I make myself a cup of coffee and look around. The sun is about to rise. But it’s still dark. I can hear my husband, he is outside in the garden, talking to our dog. They want to go for a walk at the beach. He smiles at me with his most beautiful smile and his whole face is lighten up. It’s the same smile I fell for years ago. It’s honest, it’s a bit dirty but it’s from the best heart. 

“Good morning my queen, will you join us?” he asks. I sure would like to, but as usual he is up so early and I am a bit late for his standards. So I kiss him good morning and say that I first would like to read a bit and have a cup of coffee. “Great so we see you later” he responds. I love a few minutes in the morning by myself, having coffee, smelling the flowers, enjoying the calm. 

At the time they come back, I am already in a creative process, writing, brainstorming or at the phone with one of our older children. Sometimes they call me in the morning just to say hi and to let me know they are happy. I love this moments.  My hubby is back, he joins me at our garden-table.  Some minutes after we meditate together and then he goes to the city for a business appointment. I then go to the farmer’s market by bike. Grabbing some fruits that we don’t have in our own garden. I love the sun which warms me softly. I love the people. Everybody is so friendly. 

I drive to our restaurant, just to check how everybody is feeling. I get a warm welcome and a yummie fresh fruits juice. Everything looks perfect as usual. The store manager, now a member of our family, knows exactly what she does. I drive back home where my youngest child just got up after a night out. “Hello darling, how are you sweetheart?”. “Morning mama” she says and smiles at me with that most beautiful smile, that she has from her father. I make her some crepes with strawberries and she tells me some things from last night. It sounds like the had fun. She then goes to the beach with her bestie, who just arrived and is standing in the backyard now. 

I go for a swim in our pool and then later make myself ready for my business appointment I have in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to it. Right after it I go to a late lunch with my hubby in town. There’s a new restaurant we’d like to check out. Meanwhile my phone rings and my oldest daughter is telling me that she comes over for some days.  They’re in need of sun, she says. New York is cold in winter. I know. Of course we look forward for them to come over. We’re excited – we love to see our kids and grand-children.


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Did I drift up a bit? HAHA! Can you tell I am excited about my future life? 😀

Anyways. The image I have of me is this one: I want to be relaxed, filled with love and a lucky heart. I want to be there for the people I love. I make time for them, cause they matter so much to me. I want to work part-time, but only the projects I love. I want to make breakfast for my teenie and get excited about phone calls from children, who I feel want to say hello but not because they feel they have to. I want to listen to my husband and to my children. Be there. Be present. Be happy, be healthy and wealthy. I want to be honest. I want to be creative, messy, filled with crazy ideas and patient. I want to be patient. I don’t want to put my nose in everybody’s business telling some unsolicited advice. Haha! No. I want to listen and react, and accept and support. 


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But today I realized of course it’s lovely to dream about this future. But it’s more important to live here in that very present moment. And it’s important to do small steps into your future. I want to be a happy healthy artistic hippie-mom :) Yes that’s true. so I start now. Here and now. With being happy. Not everything is perfect. There’s lots to do. Laundry undone,  projects not yet finished, even made no time to exercise today. But hey I am alive, I feel good good good in this life, I have a wonderful husband, a magical child, a home. a kitchen, the place to be for me, because I love cooking and baking.  I am taking it easy and do the best I can. 

So please tell me who do you want to be when you grow up? :) 


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