I am vegan

I am. I do not know what I am. Kinda shocked. If this is the word that describes it a bit. You know like a world collapse.

We had a lovely dinner at my mother-in-law’s place and she told me that she went to visit her sister (the sister lives on the country -side) and they had a happy experience to see how a calf came to life. 

This is where the beautiful story ends. And the sad one begins. 

So as they observed the process, the farmer took the calf immediatly (like really immediatly) away from his or her mother. And the mother cow cried and screamed so much and wanted to go to that baby of hers. But of course she was tied.

I don’t know what I can say too that, except that my mama – heart started bleeding. I know I lived almost vegan since I am a mother but I never really made the change completely. I knew that animals are killed to produce meat. Of course I knew it.

But what is even harder (the hardest!) for me is that a mother who just gave birth (!) to her wonderful baby has no chance to even hold her baby, touch her baby, kiss her baby, smell her baby! Not even feed (!!!) her baby – since the mik she has to produce is for our next mozzarella or so. I was heartbroken when I heard this story. It is too much for me. I know that it is not okay that one species kills another. Don’t ever get me wrong.

But for me what is really not okay is that a new mother can’t have her new baby. I think it is a mama thing. Instinct. But my instinct tells me that something here really stinks. I mean how the hell? Your baby. And you are his/her mama. I think I was not able to make the switch only for the love of animals. But today I realized I am a mother and I know how I felt after giving birth. And I know what it means when your breastmilk flows into your body. Ready to give it to your baby. I know how truly magical and still a little hurtful the first trials of breastfeeding are. And I know what it feels like when your breasts get big and really need to have a baby to nursing her milk out. I really think you only understand it when you’re a mother. But I am ready to make the change because I know about the love of a mother. And what she experiences during childbirth or animalbirth (not really a difference). 

So one thing lead to another and here I am realizing that this is no longer okay for me. I can’t and I won’t get over that. I don’t know how disciplined I will be with it forever. I really loved chease. But it all really grosses the hell out of me, now! I started watching the classic – Earthlings and I really really really do NOT (!) recommend it to you. Do not watch it!

And I am very sure I want to live as healthy as possible. And the same for my family. I do not want to be a vegan warior and I really accept everyone’s decision in their lifes.

But now I am vegan. 

Before that I often wondered what people would think of me when I would tell this. Or that they would think I am a very ecological person ;D. But for now I just don’t care. At all. I have to feel comfortable in my life. Nobody else. Sure all my ex (boy)-(friends) were so sure I would not marry at the age of 24. Not me. Not with my past or my character 😉 But it happend. (So happy it did!) I sure found the man of my dreams and I sure married him 😀 I just wanted to say that my instincts are what I live on.

Oh, and I don’t think that so much will change here on the blog. Only wanted to let you know about my life and what happens in it. SO I am happy if you give me your best vegan blogs or any experiences or thougths you had while transforming. Or maybe you think I am crazy. Tell me 😉 



Lots of love, thanks for reading:)

Mama Leone


  • Reply Alexandra Otilia Hartmann 24/07/2014 at 01:25

    I feel you, bro.
    Whenever you need help – you know how to find me <3

    • Mama Leone
      Reply Mama Leone 24/07/2014 at 21:25

      Thx my dear! <3

  • Reply Sophie 24/07/2014 at 05:44

    I know how you feel! Actually, the fact that they take away the little calves from their mother is what disturbed me the most aswell. And the fact that we drink breast milk from another species that is meant for their babies not for us. If you breastfeed your own baby, you suddenly get how crazy and wrong this is. :/

    Anyway, congratulations on being vegan! :-) This is good news. It changes a lot in life but then also not so much, so don’t worry. 😉 It’s a wonderful change in life, makes you feel a lot more healthy (at least that’s how I felt) and it makes me proud to try and be the best example for my daughter.

    So if you need some tips or advice, feel free to email me! (You can see my email adress when I post a comment here, right?)



    P.S. of course people just watch Earthlings, everyone should know the truth. 😉 but of course, I am also not a vegan warrior, I do not tell people what they should or shouldn’t eat.

    • Mama Leone
      Reply Mama Leone 24/07/2014 at 21:25

      Thank you Sophie! ah man! this is just the worst. the moma baby taking everything away – thing !!! And of course when you’re breastfeeding your baby and then you’re sensitve and realize who’s milk you are drinking and who should drink it! Oh man this is such a big lie :( !!! It’s true day one I feel great too, active, healthy, pure as the food. ( I mean I was very vegan before that: only the chease- but now 100 %) btw Is the cheese alternative a good one? I will write you in INSTA.


  • Reply stephania 13/08/2014 at 10:55

    Your post touched me a lot mama leone! :)
    I could realy feel the mother-love in this post. And i’m sure animals feel the same, in every way..

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