Bring me some middle-sea feeling or at least a great salt&sugar scrub!




So for the one on the left you’ll need agave sirop, a lemon and brown sugar 


brown sugar

olive oil

one lemon peeled 

half of a lemon juice 

Optional add ins: Vitamin E oil, essential oils & vanilla


Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Stir until thoroughly combined.  To use, apply sugar scrub to wet skin and massage it, then rinse with water. 

How much you need of these ingredients really depends on you and your cointaner to store if you want to store it. I think you need at least as much sugar as you need olive oil otherwise it’s to liquid. Just stir and you see if you need more oil or sugar. 

the one on the right is a 



Sea Salt & coconut oil scrub

Here you need: coconut oil and sea salt 


sea salt

coconut oil


Same as above :) 

I love to bring home some beach-feeling :) ! And it’s really perfect for your dry skin in winter. A scrub is a new beginn par exellence. 

Hope you enjoy this! Happy January (Wooho only 8 weeks until spring ;))



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