Let’s go out, darling!


 1. Let’s download our personal love song list! We sure would have the lumineers on it (our wedding song), some lovely songs from “Can a song save your life?” some Frank Sinatra, and time after time :) 

2. Let’s buy  a double headphone adapter like this one – with this magical thing you can both have your headphones on :)

3.  Let’s walk through the city and listen to your personal love music. Watch how everything becomes more meaningful. Can you tell I am romantic by now :D? Let’s laugh, run, stand still, enjoy every second of this life. 

4.  Would love to snap a vanilla latte macchiatto at Starbucks – just as we always did in Amsterdam. Do you remember darling? :)

5. Let’s kiss in the rain. Or also without the rain :) 

Unsure? Not yet inspired? Watch this scene from Can a song save your life 😉 




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