Hello lovelies. I hope you have a  great weekend. I am here today with a new column where I want to show you stuff for every part of you! :) 

Something for your brain – Here you find books I read or love to read, or great columns or blogs. 

Something for your game- Can be anything that makes you happy and is fun! Today it’s obviously in where this item would lead your game

Something for your soul- Today it’s abstract art. It’s really a way my soul likes to express.

Something for your aim- We all have goals in our lives – here are little positive reminders or directions to find.


brain – i love this book. it’s funny and easy to read 😉 How to be parisian no matter where you are.

game – you know the game, don’t you? :) this is from la perla.

soul – i love modern art – this is from lynda black

aim – i love me some happy and powerful quotes like this from watermelon factory


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