Let’s go out, darling!

Hi everybody! I hope you had a great start into this week. Here is another one of Let’s go out, darling! I’m happy if I can bring you some date ideas :) So here is round two of 



Number 1 & number 2: Is  a lovely combination from H&M 

Also is number 3 & 4: I love me so me cute flowerprinted shoes! 

5: Now that I’m dressed, I’d love you to take me to the cinema- where we can totally romantic share an icetea 😉 ! Sounds cute. Doesn’t it? 😀

6: I’d love to see the new movie from Johnny Depp, it looks so fun :) Are you in, darling?

7: And of course popcorn. I need a big box. And if you’re kind I give you some… 

8: Please hold my hand <3 while we watch the film! 

I love you, baby! :) Happy Dating! What are your favorites in dating? Tell me more.



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