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Have you ever seen a more beautiful soul than this little baby here? Obviously the answer here is a collective NOOO, Mama Leone 😀 ! Oh I love her so much ! <3

And yeah this hair story of mine. Did you know that I dreamed of this hair-style? And I was like yeah I can do this. :D. On my own. HAHA. My hair was light red and I thought if I colored it blue then blue and red is logically lila 😀 It was not lila. 😀 But welcome to disco blue :)

It was very bright  two or three days and then I kinda looked like a left over disco girl from Berlin Mitte. 😀 Blue, blonde, brown, light blue, neon blue. All colors combined on my head.

So I tried again and this time I took the plum-color and colored again! And it was blue – violet! I think everybody in my neighborhood found it a new wonder of the world. One day we walked at the river and saw some people passing by, greeting them friendly and the woman really almost stopped and I thought she would come over to touch my hair or so . HAHAHA ! She was kinda shocked. 😀 Hubby foun this especially funny! But anyways I decided (of course not because of this woman :D, but since I did not look a little bit like this here – that it was too much colors!) 

and here we are with brown hair! I really like the outcome! 

Enough of hair but more of colours ! My baby image made it to Canada! To the lovely Audrey. So happy you got it dear! <3 isn’t she the cutest? I am just so so happy you got it.

Also this happend! We have been really inspired with bycicling since we have lived in the city of bikes. So we started biking with Estella. It was wonderful! <3

Last but not least a pic of beautiful Switzerland. I really love the clouds!

Sorry for the poor photo quality! Thanks for reading and happy happy Friday! <3 

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  • Reply stephania 06/10/2014 at 18:01

    haha I like your haircolour-history a lot! love

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