Little (Montessori) Treasurer

My lovely little treasure(r) 

I recently found Estella interested in money 😀 (haha – who isn’t=)?) No, what I mean is, interested in some coins she found at home somewhere =) So I wanted to do this for her. 


Grab all the coins you have and your piggy bank. If you want explain your little ones or just let them discover the coins. You can also clean the coins before. You can do it together and clean them in a vinegar solution, for example.

Learning about money is an important aspect of mathematics and economics. And economic and financial integrity is part of learning to be a responsible and productive member of society. For these reasons, presentations related to the concept of money are often presented in the Montessori classroom starting with the early childhood program. This information is from the Montessoritraining homepage

It’s a fun activity. They play with them, they can sort them or bank them in the piggy bank. However remember to wash the hands 😀 afterwards. Hope you like this activtiy. 


Mama Leone

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