Redefining motherhood – bring in that Daddy!



They play different with the little ones, they talk different to the little ones, they are simply a mom’s perfect addition. No doubt about the importance of a father. Their place holds an irreplacable, distinct role in the life of our kids. 

So I know Switzerland needs progress in part-time-working-schedules and also lot of men need some progress to realise that they’d be better off one day at home with their kiddos. And I’m not talking about Saturday. 

But let’s have a little patience and start with baby steps into a good good direction where fathers are there for their kids too. Here are some father-kids-date-ideas to try for the busy father: 

  • In winter – Pocket lamp adventure! Coming home late daddy? It’s already  dark outside? Okey, no problem. Let’s see – How about getting dressed really warm, grabbing one or two pocket lamps and discovering the evening hours outside with your little ones. This is a lovely adventure and your little one will remember you as a big adventurer. Not necessary to stay for 5 hours 😉 A little walk around your block will do perfectly fine. 
  • In springGo for a bike ride. Right after work go and take your little princess to a bike ride. They sure love this. They can see all the adventures in the city or neighborhood and you can eat a sandwich on a bench, watching the sunset.
  • In every season – Surprise at home – Kids come home form school and there will be a note taped to the door of the living room. The kid would be given directions to follow to find the next lovely note. It would continue running through the whole appartment / house – looking for the next note and in the end there’s a surprise. :) Sounds cool, doesn’t it? 
  • Baking! Bake a cake together! Decorate it with cool stuff for the boys 😉 or with girlie-stuff for the girls 😉
  • Looking at the stars. Discover the planets together. No matter if it’s summer and you do it outside or if this happens in your living room. Teaching your kids about the planets and the stars is magical and also shows them that they are part of something big and to think outside the universe.
  • In fall – collecting leaves and making something out of them. Maybe a bracelet, an art object, whatever pleases you. Being with your kid in nature helps connecting lots and has something peaceful. 

So this would be my ideas for the moment :) ! What else would go on this list? :)



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    lovely ideas!

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