Let’s go out, darling!

When I thought about the things I crave. A rendez-vous with my husband is the ONE thing that comes immediatly to my mind. So I want to start something new. A rendez-vous-themed-column about going out. And darling, I also want to do these things 😉 – not only writing about them.  So welcome to round one:


1. I  grab my coolest hat – mine is from H&M

2. Take me to a place, that has delicous desert-wine

3. Mama, wear the highest plateau-shoes you have – because you know tomorrow you’ll be back in your sneakers 😉 these are by nastygal

4. Let’s have an espresso after dinner!

5. I wear my new (vegan) clutch from WILBY

6. Vegan tacos and my belly is in love and I promise to eat like a queen tonight. 

7. I promise, to wear a transparent blouse like this one from nastygal😉 – Can you spot a trend here?


Sounds fun? So let’s do it, darling. I love you! 


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