Inspiring Motherhood

Hello to beautiful yogi mama Karissa! So nice to have you here being part of this! If you do not know her you find her on Instagram here.  

Where do you live and can you show us a beautiful picture of your area and / or home?

I live in Oregon! We have just moved here from Alaska, where we spent the last three years. I’m originally from CA, and so is my amazing husband! We just moved into a gorgeous two story house with a quaint country feel to it, in a very quiet, private court. It’s amazing! I feel so much creative energy here, the trees are twisty and coarse, the climate is dry and fresh…. it’s just perfect. 

 How is it going this motherhood journey of yours?

I adore motherhood. I find that each new day is like a new breath, fresh and inspiring. The kids are so sweet and beautiful, I never knew I could love two little people so much. My whole childhood I wanted to be a mom, haha, and now I’m just living the dream. My husband is in the military and he works long and hard days to provide for us, and I’m ever grateful that he has made it possible for me to stay home with our sweet babies. It is challenging and difficult, and some days daunting, to raise humans!! But it is ever worth it!

 What is your aspiration in life and where do you find inspiration in your motherhood life?

I aspire to be… me. Whoever I am! I am still finding that inner stillness. I find inspiration in everything! The blue sky, the gray rain, the green grass, petals with dewdrops, mountain peaks, rippling rivers. All that poetic stuff, and so much more. I find inspiration in my children’s smiles to be kinder, to them and to myself and to the people around me. I find inspiration online in my IG community to practice my yoga daily, and be stronger and more flexible with each new day. 

What is the best part about being a mother?

The snuggles! The breastfeeding, the sweet baby milky breath, the tiny dimples in their smiles. The (sometimes overwhelming) importance of my being in their eyes. The way they say “mama” and “I love you”. Witnessing the love of my life being a father. 

 Do you want to tell us a bit about the way and your partner in crime live? 😉

We are an interesting family! lol, my husband is in the military. He has been in the infantry for the past nine years. We have been through two deployments together, he has been through three. We are taking a break from that lifestyle in hopes of having more family time, and currently Isaac is in school to learn to recruit for the Army. He actually graduates tomorrow and comes home! I can NOT wait! We will finally have three whole years to dedicate to our family. Without separations! It’s going to be so unreal, and so beautiful for me and all of us! I am the hippy who married a soldier. I was a vegetarian for about 15 years before I discovered the paleo lifestyle. We have switched over and have been paleo for over 2 years now! I cook (almost) everything we eat, and I stay away from processed and most packaged foods. We do not eat grains. I try to sneak organ meats into the kids diets too, for awhile there we had so many chicken livers I was putting them into smoothies! I practice kundalini yoga and I am very spiritual, and conscious. We practice attachment parenting and co-sleep. 

What is your passion beside your precious family?

Do you have a business to tell a bit about? I do not have any businesses yet. I do hope to one day do something creative to sell….I want to make yoga pants, I want to make jewelry, sometimes I like to write creatively. I just don’t currently have the time to put into it all. So much time already goes into just raising the kids, keeping the house clean, cooking three meals (at least) a day…. it’s a lot! I know in the future though, that the kids will need me less, and I can approach those things again then. 

 What inspires you about other mothers?

Their empathy, their patience, their undying love for their children. I am inspired by mothers who go the extra mile for their children.

Thank you so much Karissa for being part of this series! You are such an inspiring mother and soul <3  OH and did I tell you I adore your pictures!?

Wish you all the best and lots of love <3 !!!

Mama Leone

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