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happy new year

Hi to everybody reading! How has your new years eve been? We’ve been celebrating at home with people we love having an emotional evening, eating couscous and crumbed lupins! It was delicious! 

Here’s to a happy, wonderful, magical, healthy and funky year 2015. I wish you all just the best! So what have I done the past few months? I worked on this new homepage with my supporting husband. So what’s up here? On this new homepage you can find things more personal but also a bit more professional and more organized. As you might have noticed I am a bit a messy person, meaning my recipes didn’t always really come in the same way, maybe that has been a bit difficult to read for you guys.  So I wanted to make a new homepage with only additional benefits for you!


I give you a quick tour into the new mama leone blog – come in darling! :) you are absolutely welcome here!

  • THE ABOUT – I splitted it into three parts: about the blog, about the team and your faq
  • THE CATEGORIES – To make it as easy as possible to hang around here – I made new categories that also make sense.  Go check em out :)
  • THE RESOURCES – As a human being we are curious and want to know a bit more sometimes – Here I share all the sources I read and sites that value to me!
  • THE CONTACT did not really change – so if you want to say hi: info@mamaleoneblog.com or deborah@shkodra.ch it is
  • THE BUSINESS & POLICIES page is new – here’s where I define  what I do and with whom I’d like to get in touch on the business level  



 A little surprise for you. From now on you find my recipes all in a printable format, so if you’d like to print em out and add them to your yummie-collection, here you go! Just click on the read more button and you can see the full recipe. Then you find the save and the print button.  There is already one recipe in. The others will all come to this place the next week. 



You can pin my photos to pinterest  by clicking on them on the top on the left side. 


The side bar on the right

  • Search button – You find the search bar as usual, there’s no change to that. Just type in whatever it is you are looking for and find it. 
  • Recent posts You find the 5 recent posts up on the site 
  • Archives – Browse in the archive and search after months if you want



You had some questions. I got some answers :) I updated the faq. 


What else is new? 

  • Sharing is caring – I think one thing that’s new is that there is no like button under each post. But new there is a thing called sharing is caring and if you like what you see I am absolutely happy if you like to share some things on your facebook, or twitter, or wherever you are on social media wonderland.
  • I plan on taking more pictures – Some of you lovely souls out there praised my pictures and said you love to look at them – so one goal is for sure taking more pictures for you! 
  • Since liking is no option anymore I just want to tell you that I am absolutely happy with every reaction you have for me. Meaning I appreciate a quick facebook chat, a lovely comment here on the blog! an email, a tweet, an instagram comment – I am simply happy if you talk to me in every way you like to! Thanks so much for reaching out. 

 Let’s create an awesome new year together!


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