How is it going? Life as a vegan!

Hy dears

Now it’s almost two weeks ago when I got touched by a very sad story and decided to eat vegan. So how is it going these days? Wonderful! 

Not only do I feel clear(er) in mind and soul, but also I feel much more active and feel my body very well, better than before. I really care about what I eat and I do a lot of research to get wonderful recipes and food on my plate. That’s what I love about it. I am very creative about the food because I can’t just put the chicken in the oven and take the mozarella out of the package. 😉

I also feel much more sportive and feel a bigger desire to have sex with my wonderful hubby 😉 ! YES TMI!  SORRY 😀 I feel less controlled by fear and worries. – Crazy right? :)

I know what I now will say is a bit special aka crazy but have you thought of this? I mean when you’re a very empathic person you feel what your partner feels or what your best friend is in or also you can feel strangers. You feel their fears and their worries, their happiness and their excitement. 

Have you thought of the fact, what an animal feels before it dies or still while alive if bad treated :(? Have you thought that it would be possible that you take these fears in you when you eat them? I mean by entering another beings world you have to feel the other one. Doesn’t matter if you see a child that is mocked from the crowd or you see how your father has health problems. This is compassion. Isn’t it? Anyways I feel clearer and better than before. I really feel a difference. But I must confess sometimes I miss the chease. The salty thing about it. 

And oh this one is a must watch. 

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