7/100 Oven veggies with soya nuggets and salad


Oven veggies with soya nuggets and salad
This one was really good!! Freshly picked veggies in the oven with soya nuggets and salad.
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  1. potatoes (4 big ones for two p.)
  2. corn (half a can)
  3. garlic (two cloves)
  4. olive oil with lemon taste
  5. fresh herbs as rosemary
  1. Wash and cut potatoes, on a baking tray use some oil and put the potatoes on it, add corn and garlic as well fresh herbs and bake it all 30 minutes on 220° Celsius / 428 ° Fahrenheit
  2. Serve with a fresh green salad with grapes, tomatos and dats, add lemon olive oil to your salad dressing as well as salt and pepper.
  3. In a pan fry the soya nuggets for 5 minutes on a high level. Turn them around ;)
  4. I hope you enjoy it! <3
Mama Leone http://mamaleoneblog.com/

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