I love my hubby and why it’s important to take some familytime

You might have followed our adventures in Amsterdam last year. We had a wonderful time there and enjoyed it lots. After that we moved back to Switzerland last summer. While we had a hard time to let a loving person go, we then had a lot of time to (re)create (us) as a family and have some time together. This was really perfectly wonderful. 

So if you have the chance to take some time off (we’re talking about months or even years, not a day or two) then do it! It brought us so much closer as a family. Estella had the chance to be together with her dad everyday. I was part-time-working (at home) and he was full-time at home. We did this for 7 months and here are some benefits we had out of this:

  •  Closeness as a family. Lots of cuddletime. Time to connect and to just enjoy this age of our kid, knowing she won’t be forever a one-year-old. 
  • The three of us learned a lot from our new roles and each other. I give you an example. I love the way my hubby is parenting. He is often much more easy and I can learn alot from him. Another example: I love how Estella is always in the present moment. She does not worry. She is happy (almost) every minute of life.
  • Taking some time off from the often very different and sometimes hectical business world was a blessing for my hubby. It helped him realizing what he wants in life and where his way will lead him. 
  • Time for our projects. Things we dream about, things we want to realize! Only talking about this setted creative energy free.
  • Time for a strong daughter / father – bond. We believe that it’s important to have a bond to mom and dad and this was our chance to do so. I hope and I’m sure that they will have time for funny & lovely father/daughter dates in the future.

Ths would also be a lovely opportunity to travel around a bit. But after Amsterdam we were just good to stay in Switzerland for some months. It was really a good good time. And I think we made a lot ouf it! Can you tell by now that my hubby already left again for a new project and is no longer at home everyday with us? I really miss him with us. And so does E. But we’re absolutely happy to have him in the evenings and at the weekends. It’s precious that family time.

We miss you !!

I hope you are also able to take some time off for your family. Every minute counts 😉 I know life is busy, jobs are important, careers have to be pushed forward, blogs have to be written, kitchens want to be cleaned and more, but family comes first.

I wish you a happy day and lots of love.

Mama Leone


  • Reply Sophie 04/12/2014 at 19:28

    Wow, that sounds wonderful. Seven months just for the three of you as a family. :) We would actually love to do this (for such a long time), but it’s just impossible for financial reasons. How did you do it? Did you save money?

    How was it to be together 24/7? What did you do to avoid the typical "getting on each other’s nerves" problem? Or maybe that wasn’t any problem at all with you guys…? Did you have fixed periods where one of you got to have some time for herself/himself?

    Our dream is it to be able to take some time off and go traveling with our daughter and to both stay at home for 1-3 months by the time a second baby arrives. (Switzerland really needs some progress in regards to "Vaterschaftsurlaub" or "Elternzeit"!!)

    x Soph

  • Reply Glitzi 21/05/2015 at 23:10

    Wow, ihr seid eine echt wunderbare Familie!! So viel gute Vibes – nur schon durch den Text – und total liebevoll geschrieben <3

  • Mama Leone
    Reply Mama Leone 23/05/2015 at 10:35

    jööö danke :) <3 !!!

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