Why I feel sorry for the victoria’s secret angels

You might coming over here because of this catchy title, didn’t you? No, this is not a marketing gag it’s true. I feel sorry for the Victoria’s secrets angels. Yes me, your totally average-looking mom, with flaws and feelings. I am feeling so sorry for them and I promise I am not jealous. I swear to you guys, I would tell you.

But these girls look like they need help. Not only do they all look like they are very hungry and could eat a steak (Notice, this text is coming from a vegan), but they do all look totally the same. All the same. No flaws. Nothing special. No light. No curves. (I mean fake boobs don’t really count). I’m sorry but they just bore the hell out of me. They remind me of the stepford wives

I am wondering, Is this (the new) beauty?

A lot of women and especially young girls might really admire these girls and I also understand that, aren’t they 100 % perfect if you see it the way our (media)-world teaches us. This is the way for us. This is how we should look and feel and behave.

Look at these faces and bodies. All the same. All of them with long blonde hair (some are brown-haired-hooray), all have the same body/ the perfectest body ever and big (fake) smiles. But what’s the message? This is the way to go, girl. If that’s not you, you probably never find happiness. Or sexiness. Or whatever it is you are looking for. Can you tell by now that it’s not okay with me what these “rolemodels” teach our little girls and boys? I think like this because I am a mom, and it doesn’t matter if you have a boy or a girl. It’s just not good that young girls think that these angels are the role models, and that young boys think that all the girls look like that and are disappointed if they don’t.

As you probably already know I am sick and tired of anybody (!) telling me how to look, feel or behave. I am a rebel at it’s purest form. 😉 Or just breaking out of this shit. I totally feel sorry for them because come on look at them. They all look skinny, hungry, cramped, controlled, unreal. They smile yeah but, look they do not look happy. They don’t laugh from deep down their souls because they live in a world, where your body is everything. t’s everything. It decides about your next job, about your next boyfriend and about the number of your instagram followers.

And everybody applauds and screams yeah this is it. This is sexiness. This skinnyness is all we need. Let’s work out 7 times a week and eat only a salad a day. I’m just telling you something nobody looks like this. Nobody. That’s hard work and lots of make up, maybe operations and hard work outs on a daily base.

Again I am just wondering if you can tell me 😉 When did this stop being sexy?

And when did this become the nonplusultra?

I’m not saying working out is bad. It is actually pretty good for your health. As long it is in a way it all is good for your health. I’m not telling you that you have to weight 120 kilos to be good. It’s really not my point. But come on world. Is this the way to go? I really don’t think so. It looks and feels unhealthy, eating disorders, all this stuff. I’m just saying please open up your eyes and realize that that this trend is not good. It’s normal to be a human being, with flaws and with bumps and all this things that make us unique.

I love being unique and I love people who live their uniqueness! We should not press ourselfs in roles. Let’s free us from society’s way of thinking. And did I already tell you what I find beautiful? Let’s see, for example. I love natural hair.

I lover red hair!

I love a face, that tells a story! With crinkles and freckles.

I love a charismatic face and a powerful attitude like this woman has

I love some boodies! Like they do have :)

I love love a big smile from soul to soul!

For me a behaviour like these topmodels have is nothing more than the deepest and purest form of self-destruction. Hating every gram fat, controlling their weight so often and even the “too-posh-to-push-phenomenon” where you have a c-section in the 8. month to not over-strain your baby-belly.

So if you don’t mind then please find this text as a nice reminder for your soul and tell yourself at least 3 times today that you are wonderful, the way you are. I really hope you love yourself, cause you are amazing!

And remember how you behave in front of your kids has an impact on how the behave on themselves one day. I want my kids to be happy, healthy and in love with themselves & their life. I sure will tell them about photoshop and all this stuff, when the time’s ready.

I wish you a happy day with lots of self-love!

Sending you lots of love, Mama Leone

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