Natural Life – My 10 tipps on living a healthier lifestyle

Recently I got this question about my healthy mom lifestyle (How I started with healthy eating and so on) and I have a feeling that my new life changed me so much and so I started thinking why and what exactly has happend.

There were so many things in my life, that I did not really pay attention on before I was a mother. Now I pay attention to what I eat, where it has grown, how I prepare it and so on. I also knew what veganism was before, but it did not strike me, because it was not my problem. Since I got pregnant it changed everything. From my tooth cream to my hair color cream and my nutrition but what has changed most are my thoughts on life and my soul.

But let’s start easy. Here are my tipps if you want to start a healthier lifestyle (no matter if you’re pregnant or childless, these tipps are for everybody)

  • Eat as local as possible. Doesn’t matter what it’s about: meat, fruits, veggies, it’s just the best to eat as local as possible. Local food is fresher and tastes better than food that has been trucked or flown in from thousands of miles away. I know it’s not always possible, since some fruits don’t grow here, so it’s your personal choice and estimate what and how often it works for you!
  • Drink lots of water! If you’re sick and tired of the pure water taste go ahead and mix it with lemon, rosemary, ice, strawberries, grapefruit, pommegranade or whatever comes to your mind. That’s an acceptable variety. 

  • Start slow and make changes to your eating habits from time to time. Trying to make your diet healthy overnight isn’t realistic. It all needs time, otherwise you get disappointed. Make small steps like changing butter while cooking into oliveoil, or eat a salad every second day, or make one vegan day per week. Consider being a flexitarian or a pescetarian or meatless Monday. Small steps into a healthy life.
  • Listen to your body! Not really hungry but opened this chocolate bar? The moment you realize it, let it be and put it back into the fridge. Listen what your body craves.
  • I do not eat meat and want to inform you that a vegetarian and also vegan lifestyle is very healthy. But when you eat meat, make sure you look that it’s from your neighborhood farm and/or your country. Never buy or eat imported meat. The guidelines in other countries are not always the same as they are in yours. So do your research where it comes from and how they live and also how they die. If you’re living in Switzerland and pay attention to these things you can check out Demeter
  • Not only what but also how you eat is important. Enjoy your meal with others (you love) whenever you can and take your time to bite, chew and enjoy!
  • Try smoothies! We’re having them here everyday. You can make green smothies, fruit juices, sweet smothies, whatever works for you! This is an easy way to include lots of vitamins into your diet. You can also make them and take them with you or enjoy one at a juice bar!
  • When in doubt, fill up with fruits and veggies and nuits! Also dried fruits are a perfect snack! And don’t be too hard at yourself if you cheat once.
  • Prepare your meal yourself so it’s fresh and you see what goes inside your tummy! Avoid things which are not selfmade like chocolate bars. 

  • Make it possible to work out at least once or twice a week, include it in your lifestyle (go by bike to the grocery’s or walk an extra station to the railway)
  • Go to nature whenever you can! Fresh air, the calm, it will make you happy! Smell the flowers, take a moment to just see and breathe the fresh air in the forest! Refill yourself.

If you’re on a budget, then click here and see the five healthiest and most affordable foods. And the most important thing: Love it, love your life, love your food and be happy! Also if you cheat, it is your life. Only you decide what makes you happy and what is for you!
We’re not in a competition called healthy, healthier, healthiest!

Wish you a happy and healthy day! Lots of love my lovely readers from my heart to yours.

Mama Leone

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