Personal Life – About wishes, dreams and goals – a personal anecdote and I’m revealing a secret

As promised I want to share a bit more about my story. When I was younger I read lots. This were the times when you had to lend the books at the library and I remember myself as a bookworm. I always got friends with the lady working at the library, because you know I wanted to take more than these 8 books home. 😀 And they really understood my love for books and probably saw a part of their personality in me and so I always got through with it. The balance to reading was writing and I remember me also writing very long essays. 😉

When I got older, I forgot about my love for reading & writing and disconnected to this part of me. But when I look back I see that I always wanted to be a writer. Like always. Yeah of course I wanted to be a police officer, a lawyer and a psychologist too. 😀 But when I was very very young I wanted to be a writer. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you were at the age of 5,6,7,8? Maybe this is your true passion as well.

Anyways I got older. I got lost. I felt lost. I smoked, I drank and was out a lot. Always on the hunt. Always looking for more. Never satisfied. Never really fullfilled. I believe this is a normal state which most of us go through. Haven’t you? Sure, depending on your background it might strike you more or less. I was (or still am) a child of divorce. For years in fight with my father and in love with my mother. And I feel that I never really knew about the very very deep bond of family.

Until I met my hubby and we started to create our own family. There’s nothing in this world that has ever touched me, fullfilled me and changed me like this experience. And I am beyond thankful for what we have. Sorry what was this text about? Remember when I was young and felt my spirit and knew what I wanted to do and be when grown up? After giving birth and becoming a mom, I totally got connected to the wisdom of the universe again. The path gets clearer for me everyday. It’s like that mathematic problem which you finally are able to release. 

It was my hubby who encouraged me start writing a blog and I am super happy that he did. I dreamed of a blog since a while, but some things just take their time. If you have dreams, please do not ignore them. But please do not put too much pressure on your shoulders. Take your time.

I am so super happy to have this blog as a creative output for my thoughts. This blog is now live since one and half years and I really like the exchange with you. Thank you for reading me, emailing me and also thanks for facebooking and instagramming :) Also just thanks for being here.

I’m not quite there where I want to be with my blog, but I am very happy with every step I take and every reader I have here (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) I have learned quite a bit on this road and can’t wait to go on with all of these creative things. I have even more ideas about everything concerning the Mama Leone Lifestyle & Blog and I am absolutely grateful for all the opportunities this brought to me and for those yet to come.

I am not telling you this to brag. I am here to tell you about my dreams. And so I want you to get reconnected to your own dreams. I value your dreams! I hope you did not forget about them and if you did maybe it’s time to wake them up again now.

My dream was to have a blog. And now I write a blog and you are reading it! Yeah! Isn’t that cool? I love it :) What I mean is if I can live my dream. So can you. Doesn’t matter what it is about! A blog, a book, travelling the world, a job, a country, a lifestyle, a career in filming, being an artist, a stylist, a creative director or being a mom. Everything is possible. We live in a world where everything is possible and where everyone can go for it. It was never easier to get noticed around the world (thanks to the internet) than today.

While I’m into this process it’s getting clearer and clearer what I want to do and who I want to be. So now it’s time to tell you a secret. I have more dreams. Another dream of me is to write a book. Aaaaaand I am very happy to tell you that I am writing (!) on my first book (!). It’s not yet official and it’s not yet clear how we’ll be doing it. (Will we self-publish or be working with a publisher house). But I am writing on my first book :) 

if you want more inspiration about living dreams click here 

Thanks for being part of my life. 

Lots of love, Mama Leone.

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