The ultimate giftguide for this XMAS

Haven’t we truly everything? So I am a bit tired of redaing posts about the things we could buy each other as gifts, cause we have it! all.

Here are other ways to show each other love. How about making this christmas very special and only being together with the ones you love doing the following things:

  • Staying in PJ’s all day! For parents and kids
  • Baking yummie bread and great cookies! (You find great vegan inspiration here )
  • Watching all your favorite movies (Here’s my quick list: Grease, Dirty Dancing, frozen, happy feet, kung foo panda  and eat pray love of course!) or go for something very special mindblowing like this movie

  • Write cute little love notes to everyone you love 

  • Share a simple meal like yummie (vegan) pizza and salad
  • Decorate the tree all together 
  • Play hide and seek! We have a little one who would love playing it all day!
  • If you like you can offer a chair!
  • Donate some money

If you’re in town (Zurich) and you like to support the good cause you can visit this market in Zurich. Located at Bahnhofstrasse next to Pestalozziwiese (Globus)

It is open until the 23 of December 2014 and you can buy knits (mostly knitted socks, caps and gloves and so on; and of course other cute stuff) and it is in partnership with terre des hommes

The women and men working there are all volunteering so all money raised goes in to a project they launched called journey into life!Which helps kids from other countries with health problems, that they can get operations and get a healthy life.

I also love direct help

Whatever you do on Christmas I hope you enjoy your time and get some time to relax and reflect a bit. Almost a year that is over now. I wish you a wonderful day and lots of love,

Mama Leone.

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