10 tipps for your delivery day

1. There is not something like a tipp

Even though you just need it now, you will see there are not tips for everybody. Every birth is a different story and what fits for me, might maybe not feel good for you. But I’d like to share what help me :) But anyway don’t listen, or only if you want 😉

2. Listen to your personal mama – voice

Don’t listen to mothers with horror birth stories! Don’t listen. Not one word. This has nothing to do with you. 

3. Surround yourself with positivity and positive & happy mamas

They do always have a ear for you. They are there. Just by being there. Or listen encouraging blogs.

Forget negativity and negative thoughts. (But before you forget them, talk to someone about your worries, but when you are through this stay positive!) At best, negative thoughts make labor stressful; at worst, they’ll actually intensify pain. This is not something you need.

4. Talk to your husband. About everything.

What you are afraid of and what you are looking forward to! And make a little plan together what you will do just in case. For example: I told mine before:  I do not want any medication and I do not want a Cesarian! Not at all. I mean not at all. Do you hear me? We made one exception: If anything would have been with Estella, we would have made everything (!!)  to bring her safe and sound. I am so happy we did not need the Cesarian and that everything was fine with her!

5. Relax. Let the pressure go and take a bath :)

What I mean is – you are 38 weeks along and everything is fine with you and the baby, then please forget about your house or about the fact that everyhing should loook good when the visitors come or whatever. Nope. It’s not time for this. You and your baby is important and the well-being of your family. So let your mother help you with cooking or call a friend to bring over dinner or whatever you need. It’s your life. You do not have to please anybody. Never. And especially not now! I loved bathing so much.

6. Join a yoga class, if you like. ( I mean not through delivery but in your pregnancy) or join a hypno birthing class if it is for you

Yoga classes start at 16 weeks. Or mine did. Yoga helps focussing which is very important for your delivery day. And it helps you breathing and of course connecting with your little one! A plus is this is a easy way to connect with other pregnant women.

7. Set the scene

If you can then set the scene. Tell them what you like and what not. This could be some candles or aroma oil to massage or a bath. Whatever you like. In my case we did not do this 😉 – there was no time. But hopefully next time, we will have a wonderful scene.

8. Find a great help like a doula

Maybe you can bring your doula to the hospital or you have a doula at home for your home birth. Doulas are wonderful. Like a good good friend and mother, but only the best parts about both 😉 They have great tips and of course lots of experience. 

9. You can make a birth plan – But then let eveything happen

I know I used to be a control-freak too. Not anymore :) Thanks to my child and hubby. But if you want to plan your birth that’s perfectly fine. But I just say maybe your baby has other plans :) So stay flexible. :) 

10. Talk to your baby and encourage it!

Your baby is a big part of your delivery ! 😀 Obvious. So include it in everything. In your thoughts. Engage it and talk to him or her and say what you feel. What you like and that you do have a great journey to go. Together. And always say how happy you are to be his or her mother. And how excited you are to finally meet her/him. 


oh and I also think it is pretty good to talk about the delivery and everything that you felt or what your hubby did feel.


PS: I am of course not a doctor. So if you are unsecure about something ask your doctor or doula. I am a mama. I am responsible for my story. I just talk about my experience. This does not have to be for everyone. But still, I hope you find this helpful and / or inspiring. Happy delivery mama! <3


Lots of love,

Mama Leone

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