BLW – Baby Led What? 5 yummie food ideas for you and your baby!

When it comes to food, I have to admit I love it fresh and healthy and sometimes sweet of course. And when my daughter started being interested in food I was so happy to introduce her to this wonderful part of live! We do BLW! 

At the beginning I was wondering which veggies would be best to purée and I tried potatos and carrots. We tried when she was four months or five months, she was not soo interested in this but tried a bit. Then one day a friend told me about BLW (baby led weaning) I thought that it sounds interesting because the principe is that baby eats for themselves. When we had a second try to feed my daughter a purée she was interested in touching the food on the tablespoon  I let her do that because I want her to get the full experience, even though that means a big mess to clean for me :) She really loves food (must be in her genes) and eats quite a big! 

So what is BLW?

BLW is a eating technique where you offer your baby a selection of nutritious finger foods suitable for his age

The best time to do it is when you and the rest of the family are eating. It’s a great way to join in at mealtimes. The easiest finger foods for young babies are those that are shaped like a chip, or have a handle, such as cooked broccoli spears. At first, your baby may just play with the food. He or she may grab pieces of food with his fist and start to suck on them. Carry on giving your baby breastmilk or formula milk in between mealtimes. As your baby gradually eats more solids, the number of milk feeds will maybe start to decrease a bit. This depends on you and your baby. My baby is now elven months old (almost can’t believe it!) and she eats with us on the table, and by eating I mean she eats everything. From pasta to eggs and sometimes salad, as well as rice and potatoes and corn. And I still do breastfeed her. I breastfeed her by her needs, that’s really easy for us because I’m always with her.What are the benefits of BLW?

BLW gives babies the chance to explore foods for themselves. It means they can cope with different food textures from the beginning of weaning. They touch it, they feel it, they taste it, they try it, they put it away. The full experience!

Parents who have tried BLW are generally passionate about its benefits. They say their babies will eat anything and everything and that this helps to take the worry out of starting solids. But although there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence about BLW, not much formal research has been done. 

However, one study did find that babies who are allowed to feed themselves from the beginning of weaning are more likely to join in with family mealtimes and eat a wide range of family foods early on.

BLW will save you preparation time, too. You won’t have to spend time making up purée.

Won’t my baby choke if we try BLW?

It’s perfectly understandable to worry about your baby choking or gagging. I also did a lot in the beginning! But supporters of BLW argue that as long as babies can sit upright, they should be fine. The fact that babies can handle and control the amount they eat, and move it to the back of their mouths when they’re ready, means the risk of choking is minimal. Remember that babies should never be left alone when eating. 

I was also a bit scared in the beginning like almost every new parent, about the question does the baby choke on something? And I really learned that they have very very good reflexes, I also think it is very important to be with your baby when he or she eats. 

Important sidenote: This is just my opinion and this is how it works for my family. Please do not use it as a medical advice, I am not a doctor. I have researched through

Here are a few recipes for you:

2 Minutes – Yummie – Pancakes with banana, soya-yoghurt and a bunch of grapes and pears

  • Pancakes are made from normal flour, almond milk and / or coconut milk (half a cup of flour and half a cup milk, either mixing them or just take the one you adore more)
  • A bit of butter and bake them until they are a bit brown
  • top with seasonal fruits, we enjoyed a bunch of grapes, pears and bananas 
  • add a bit of a yummie yoghurt and cinnamon
  • we drink some fresh orange juice to this (with water)
  • enjoy! 

 Potato Hash – This was very delicious; it is made of:

  • potatoes
  • corn
  • peas and
  • onions 
  • top it with a bit of rosemary and a tiny bit of salt

This is made in 15 minutes. Bake potatoes, corn, peas and onions in a pan, add fresh herbs like rosemary and a bit of salt (I used himalaya – salt; it is wonderful!) 

I believe that a bit of salt is really ok for my daughter, while a few moms are sure to cook everything without salt when it comes to food for their little ones. Feel and try what works for your family! 

Simple Italian Food

This is so great because the little ones can grab them very well. It is made of:

  • penne 
  • olive oil with lemon flavour
  • a bit of pepper and salt

You know how this one works, don’t you? It is really simple and good. I also give my little girl a bit (!) of pepper and salt, she likes it.

A croissant and fruits for breakfast

We love some fresh and cutted fruits and a great croissant for breakfast.

You should give it a try too. 

  • kiwi
  • bananas
  • bunch of grapes 
  • and a fresh croissant 

Again Italian Food! I know. :) I can’t help myself!

Spaghetti alio e olio and carottes made of:

  • Spaghetti
  • Sauce made of alio (garlic) and olio (olive oil)
  • Parmesano
  • carottes with bouillon (a bit)

For the young one just a tiny little bit of the sauce, spaghettis are wonderful to grab and are really fun to eat for them. The carottes are great with bit of bouillon. Bon appetit! 

What do you eat and feed your baby? Would love to know, please share if you like!

Lots of love from us

Mama Leone

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