Redefining motherhood – Do you breastfeed in public?

I want this to be a place for everyone feeling good. I want you to leave fulfilled and lucky. And here is something new I really think about. Redefining motherhood. :) What do I mean? 

I mean it in a positive good and happy way. Listen… Lately I was on the playground with my darling baby and I looked around and just saw women, mothers that did not really like themselves. How do I know? I observed a mom breastfeeding with a huge blanket and she was totally unsure and anxious.I am not saying this to tell other women how they should live their lives. I am not saying what I do is perfect or something like that. Each woman has her own way. That’s clear. I only felt sorry for her, because there she was a grown woman, a lovely mama, breastfeeding her baby and she did not feel good about it. And I thought that this is quite common these days, to not feel good about yourself.
I started to realize that there might be a need of getting more confidence in life in general, but also and especially in life as a mother. And here is really a need for me to let other women feel good about themselves. I want to do something. That’s clear,  since I raise my own daughter and I am a role model for her. And so are all other women that she sees. So I’m trying this out: A new column about redefining motherhood. Redefining ourselves as women. As human beings.

Let’s get back to the topic above. I really understand that you don’t want everybody in the entire universe to see your breasts while you feed your lovely baby. I really get that, Mama. Neither would I like it that way.

And yes it’s true breasts are wonderful. Let’s talk about it. 😀 They are a miracle. But not only here for sexual activites. 😀 Come on guys. Is our society really that hard overporned and underfucked? It has really nothing to do with sex or any other stupid thoughts in this direction.

Because a mother that breastfeeds her baby does not need much more than a lovely sight or a corrobarative smile from you. That’s all! That would help her. If you’re not like that then just nothing. Discretion is okay too. But let’s stop making women feel guilty, insecure or anxious about breastfeeding thei babies. That’s really not okay. 

I mean I am perfectly fine with breasts everywhere. I like them on H&M posters, I like them on TV, it’s all fine – I like them everywhere. And sure you do too. Or at least your boyfriend. And here’s the other side, tell me why shouldn’t they be fine while breastfeeding?

I think society knows exactly about womens fears and insecureness and makes a whole lot of profit with that! I mean just look at those moms who were told that they can’t breastfeed. I mean if you don’t want to, that’s your free choice. But I have a problem with those who would like to breastfeed and then there comes a doc or a insensitive midwife and explains things like breasts are too small, or nipples are too wrong. Does that help any woman with her selfconfidence? NOT AT ALL! I want these times to be over where a woman is so unsure about herself and about the motherhood part.. I want to find ways to give you a better feeling, mama! 

Let’s see how we can do it and what we can do here :)

Wish you a happy day and lots of Love, Mama Leone.

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