Books for an inner (and outer) growth

I have this wonderful friend of mine, and when I realized she wants to grow and kinda change her life and live it up to her dreams and that to the fullest I knew she wanted to read some books that can help her through it all and guide her and change things in her and when she asked me what I could recommend I knew what was on my mind.

Here is my little list for a wonderful inner spiritual and mental growth. Sure there are more, but if you need a change and you want to start. Maybe you try (one of) these.

Start with a basic. Simple but effectiv. An oldie but goldie. 

1. Das LOL²A-Prinzip: Die Vollkommenheit der Welt

Then you can go with

2. Bestellungen beim Universum. Ein Handbuch zur Wunscherfüllung 

And this is a must too

3. The Secret – Das Geheimnis 

Absolutely awesome

4. Der Alchimist

Lessons about letting go and growing.

5. The Power

Realize what power you have inside you!

6. Die Macht des positiven Denkens: Das Große Lesebuch

Think (your life) positive!

7. Willst du normal sein oder glücklich?: Aufbruch in ein neues Leben und Lieben

I think these will keep you busy for let’s say one or two months :) 

If you’re not really into reading mode at the moment try this man! He is awesome :)

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