Inspiring Motherhood

I am happy to show you a bit of Saskias life! She writes the blog a lovely journey!

Hello wonderful mom, tell us a bit about you, who are you and how are you doin?

First of all thank you, Deborah, for having me! I’m Saskia, a 20-something stay-home-mom with two lovely girls and a handsome husband. I used to be a PR girl, now I spread the word on my blog to encourage other parents and to promote the values of family. 

How is motherhood going? How do you feel about the whole journey?

To be honest sometimes it’s a bumpy ride but I would not change it for a thing. Within the last three years I have learned so much about life, love and most of all about myself – motherhood for me really is a life changing journey. 

How did you change since you’re a mom? Tell us everything! :)

I used to be the one who has it all in control and loves to make plans. Motherhood helped me to slow down and to let go of perfection as well as criticism. Everyday life with my two girls gifted me with a milder heart and the ability to really listen to other people.    

What surprised you most about being a mom?

I was surprised by how naturally it all comes and how much your heart can literally grow within seconds. 

What is your message to us mamas?

Please help and encourage each other. Motherhood is no fancy competition, it is our calling as women and we should make the best out of it.  

Can you give us some of your wisdom?

What I have learned about parenthood is that often confidence is silent and insecurities are loud. The more we argue about the how and why the more we lose our ability to act intuitively, to really see and content the needs of our own children. The internet is a great place to share inspirations and experiences but it also puts lots of pressure onto young families.  

Can you tell us a bit about your lifestyle? What l mean is f e vegan, yogi, , working mom, country mom?

This one is hard – maybe I’m a modern woman living up to old fashioned family ideals. I really love a simple and slow life and to me raising our beautiful children is a real blessing. 

DO you work beside your fulltime mama job or do you have own projects? We d love to hear about them!

Not at the moment but there are a few projects waiting to come to life. 

What is the best about being a mom?

Kids are always the best excuse for a messy house – just kidding. I really enjoy the ability to slow down and to go back the the roots of a simple life. Kids help you see the wonders in everyday life and they speak so much truth.

Do you have another passion according to your family? 

I love to write and to do handicrafts – luckily both passions are easy to combine with two litte ones at home. 

Thank you so much for being here dear! So nice to see a glimpse into your lives!

wish you all the best Saskia and to everyone outthere lots of love and happiness!
Mama Leone

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