Things that make our lives happier, easier and healthier

My little tricks. Things I  learned on the way. Things I do when I want to make life a bit easier and me back on happiness!

1. Favorite everyday – rule ! Don’t compare yourself to others!

That’s a tough one I know cause we all do. So unnecessary and mean. But my advice is if you can’t let it be! Compare yourself to people who have it  lots harder. People who live a very simple and poor life with no water, gas and mobile phones, but often with lots of joy and happiness. If they find a possibility to have fun and enjoy things. You with everything you havee. With your lovely appartment, your money, your mobile phone, your possibilities in your country for SURE will find a way to be a happy person. 

2. Make a Thankfulness – List!

We often tend to start our days thinking: Good morning life, today I want. I need. I. I. I. How about good morning life. Thank you for sunshine. rain. fog. Whatever. Today I have. A bed. A job. A family. A healthy body. A happy mind. A lovely coat. Cool boots. 

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3. No matter who you are. You deserve a bit of peace and ease!

If you are a working lady or man. You may need a bit of calm starting your day. So it is as a mom or dad. Get up early if you can. Take a bit time just for you. Listen to your favorite song. Or stretch some minutes or do yoga. Drink a tea or coffee. Relax. Breathe. 

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4. If you want to suffer. Then do! If you want to stop then stop. Read and realize this. Found this on the mind unleashed and it’s so true! 


Yikes. It doesn’t sound like a very liberating discovery. I used to believe that if I was suffering it meant that there was something wrong with me — that I was doing life “wrong.” Suffering is completely human and completely normal, and there is a very good reason for its existence. Life’s persistent background hum of “this isn’t quite okay, I need to improve this,” coupled with occasional intense flashes of horror and adrenaline are what kept human beings alive for millions of years. This urge to change or escape the present moment drives nearly all of our behavior. It’s a simple and ruthless survival mechanism which works exceedingly well for keeping us alive, but it has a horrific side effect: human beings suffer greatly by their very nature. This, for me, redefined every one of life’s problems as some tendril of the human condition. As grim as it sounds, this insight is liberating because it means: 1) that suffering does not necessarily mean my life is going wrong, 2) that the ball is always in my court, so the degree to which I suffer is ultimately up to me, and 3) that all problems have the same cause and the same solution.

5. Surround yourself with the doers. The believers and the happie ones!

Nothing left to say.

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