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Hi there! I am so happy to show you all a bit of Faiths life. She is a wonderful woman and artist. You can find more about her work right here


Hello beautiful soul how are you and who are you? Can you describe yourself a bit?

Hi, thanks so much for having me! I’m Faith, a painter, wife, mother, world traveler and New York City transplant. With 20+ years of personal painting experience I love to inspire others to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art. Her art has been exhibited widely, included in multiple publications and she is very excited to now be fulfilling her longtime dream of offering creative workshops and retreats. She lives with her husband and 3 young children by the sea in Charleston, South Carolina, where they enjoy exploring southern beaches and maintaining a close connection with nature through frequent trips to wild places.

I have seen pictures of your home on your blog! Wooow! I want to live there too. Can you show us and tell us a bit about your home?

Thanks so much, we love our home and we feel like it was destiny that we found it! Our home was built as a custom second home by a couple from Atlanta, a city about a 5 hour drive away. One of the people in the couple came from a family who owns a building company so they were able to source all kinds of amazing unusual materials and the house is an Earth Craft Certified Green Construction, we love living in an earth friendly home! The wood floors and walls throughout our home are made from trees that were reclaimed from old logging rivers, the wood had sat at the bottom of the river for years, so there are lots of natural variations in the wood, and every time we walk into our home there is a strong smell of wood which I love! The couple built the home in 2008 and then never lived here but decided to sell it right in 2009 when the US housing market crashed, so the house sat empty for two years, people just weren’t buying custom homes. We were looking at houses in Charelston in 2011, and were not finding anything that we liked until we walked into this home and fell in love! The house has a big room at the back, almost like a separate small house attached to the main house by a long hallway, and it is perfect for my husband’s art studio. When we were living in New York City I longed for things like a yard, which we now have, my husband even built a treehouse!

How about your lifestyle? I read that you came from NY and now chose a slower path of life. Can you give us more on that? I love a great balance in life!

I believe that we are all innately spiritually connected to the earth, that internally we all feel a call to experience nature with all of our senses. I know that I am happiest after a day spent mostly outdoors, so I like to pursue this with my children and as a family. In 2011, after living in New York City for 15 years, I was feeling an almost physical ache and longing for more access to nature’s beauty. So, my husband and I actively looked for an area to relocate our family, where the natural surroundings felt inspiring to us. We traveled and visited the southwestern desert of the US, as well as the Pacific Northwest. However, with all of our family on the east coast, we pictured all of the traveling that we’d end up doing for visits if we moved out west. We have both always loved the beach and tropical places, but we had never been to Charleston so it was almost by chance that my husband’s sister moved to Charleston one winter, within 6 months we had visited her and absolutely fell in love with the climate, vegetation and natural beauty of the “low country” which is what the low lying coastal areas around Charleston are called. 

One of the biggest things that struck me as a parent and I watched my children grow is that they really follow your modeled behavior. So, I am extra conscious now of modeling behaviors that I’d like them to take into their lives now and in the future. One of these has been creating our life with intention, we showed them that we wanted more access to nature and more time out of doors for them, so we left NYC and completely changed our lives.

How is motherhood? Can you show us what you do with your kids throughout the day?

Motherhood is the most amazing lesson in selflessness that I could ever imagine. Being a mother has grown my character more in the last 10 years than anything else I have ever done! I have three kids ranging in age from 2 through 10 years old, so with such age differences we are in lots of different stages at once. My two oldest children, ages 7 and 10 go to a small progressive school out side our home five days a week during the school year. So, that shapes a lot of our routine, we are up early and out the door by 7:30am to drop them off by 8. Then depending on the day our schedule is different, my husband teaches art at the College of Charleston, so his schedule is flexible and we are able to share the care of our 2 year old so that both of us have time to make our art during the day. Our youngest also started a playgroup this autumn two mornings a week for a couple hours so that gives us a bit more time and flexibility. At 3pm we pick up our older kids and they have after school gymnastics and soccer, so there is a lot of running around but we try to focus on sitting down as a family in the evenings for a shared meal as much as possible. I have a studio outside of our home in an old renovated office building in downtown Charleston that is full of other creative businesses. Overall with our varied schedules I make time to be at the studio about 3 times a week for 4 or 5 hours at a time!

Please tell us a bit about your art and what it means to you

I have been making art all my life and from a very early age I knew that I wanted to be an artist and a mother, my life’s goal is to be the best of those two things that I can be. I currently paint in acrylic and mixed media in my studio in Charleston, SC. I create abstractions, playful landscapes layered with botanical forms and insects, creating a rich colorful tapestry of dream like worlds, both large and small format and delicately scaled.

The abiding impulse behind each of my paintings is as simple as painting with a stick and as complex as creating my own language. My inspiration is always grounded in a sense of touch, texture and a desire to suggest moments forgotten, glimpsed images buried in the mind and a personal narrative and mapping of the world. Using a variety of mixed media I paint through a slow build up of directed process, applying layer upon layer to each piece as others are drying. Through a combination of materials my paintings become rooted in their physicality. They have body and substance that calls the viewer to experience them both visually and sensually while also reflecting on our infinitely patterned world.

By repeating different variations of my working process over and over I try to find the most concise way of imbuing each of my paintings with a fragile beauty that we, as beautiful and fragile creatures ourselves, can understand. In each piece I am searching for a balance between spontaneity and design, beauty and decay, the decorative and the profound, the body and the soul. Mirroring memory and our natural surroundings, each of my paintings is thick and multilayered, recording the history of its making and its changing conditions over time.”

In the studio, I am always inspired by one of my favorite quotes…
Your way begins on the other side
Become the sky
Walk out like someone
Suddenly born into color
Do it now

Please tell us about your family and about you and your hubby

My husband Frank and I met 14 years ago while we were both in graduate school for painting at Parsons School of Art and Design in the West Village of New York City. We were both very involved with our art, share the same spiritual faith and practice and we were friends before we started dating so I think that all laid a stable foundation on which to build our marriage and family.

Becoming parents was very hard for us at first, it caught us off guard in the way that it was so all consuming and we almost had to learn to navigate our relationship as a couple all over again. This was largely because we chose to co-sleep and extended breastfeed our babies so that was something that as a couple we had to figure out how both of us fit into that. I feel so lucky that throughout our parenting journey my husband has been super supportive at every turn.

When we lived in New York City by husband owned a decorative painting company, he worked long hours and was not around very much during the day when our oldest two children were babies. Part of our move out of NYC was so that he would have more time to be with our family as the kids were still young, and it has been such a blessing for all of us to have him around so much more as our third child was born and also as our older children reached school age and he’s there to go to events and sports practices, really being a part of every facet of their lives.

We try to live in the now as much as possible and with kids as they grow you realize how fast it really is going! It makes me sad to see them changing almost before my eyes, but happy in that I know we are doing our best to ground ourselves and fully appreciate all that the present moment has to offer.

Thank you so much for being here Faith! I loved having a look into your life! Such an inspiration an reminder to just calm down a bit and find the balance in all! 

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