A glimpse into our lives with our new stroller

Stokke trailz is our dream come true

Oh it was not always an easy ride when it came to strollers in our family. My lovely little baby was definitly (and still is) used to be as close to mama or papa as possible:) We are big fans of babywearing and love it a lot.

The very first time I saw these strollers was in Amsterdam. They looked so funky, very different to others and I loved that I saw mothers with their kids in these strollers at the restaurants. There was no chair neccessary, because they had their stroller close to the table where baby actively engaged with everyone around. So I dreamed of these strollers since a while.  

Since we felt that she did not feel good in our old stroller, she always wanted to come out and she couldn’t face me, it was sometimes a disaster. We knew that we need another solution. We live on the countryside so I was not sure if a city stroller was the best fit for our needs. We were so excited to find out that STOKKE makes the new stokke trailz. An all terrain stroller for country and city. When it arrived and we built it, Estella wanted to go in immediatly. She came to me, took me by the hand, and pointed to the trailz. It was awesome! She never ever did that with our old stroller. Also when it was time to go to bed, she came to me and pointed again to the stroller, so I drove her to bed with it. 😀 It was hillarious. A lovestory began.

What we love most about it is:

  • The flexibility – We are very spontanious and need a flexible stroller in our lives, sometimes we’re in the city, then we are in the forest or also just going to the playground. Sometimes she wants to look at me to connect, the other day she wants to look out and watch all the cows and horses we live next to, so we decide everyday what we need today and that’s perfect for our little family.
  • The connection – We really feel like connecting a lot. Since she is on a high level and almost as close to me as when I do wear her. So when she wants to hold hands, we do. When she wants to play silly games or just looks for eyecontact we do.
  • The functionality – We can choose between the active position – the chill-out-position and the sleeping-position. That’s just brilliant!

I really can recommend this beautiful stroller to every family. It’s also on my shoplist right here. I hope you like our journey and the little review. Wish you all a happy day with lots of love and connection :) 

Mama Leone

*Advertorial – This blog post is a collaboration with STOKKE. Thank you for supporting the brands that make mama leone possible. 

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