Estella & Me

For sure you know the movie Marley & me! A lovely movie about a dog named Marley and his owner John. John realizes that the misadventures of Marley might be the perfect topic for his column. Marley continues to wreak havoc, providing John with a wealth of material for his column. You might have guessed it (or you know since you have seen the movie) becomes a hit.

So we do not (yet) have a dog. But I thought it would be pretty cute to share some anecdotes of my life with my little babygirl. She is not a dog but I promise, she is even more awesome :)

Where to start? Let’s go to Amsterdam

One thing that comes to my mind immediately when thinking of an awesome story with you my beloved babygirl is the following: We were at the airport in Amsterdam, waiting to board. While waiting there, you connected with that cute stranger Asian girl. You acted like she is part of our family and even kissed her goodbye when we went into the airplane 😀 It was so cute and hillariously funny!

You liked that girl really lots and did not mind at all that she and her 34 friends took hundreds of selfies with you in the background :D! You petted her hair and hold her hand like it would be everyday-business for you :D!

It was really cute and we did not stop you from connecting. Why should we? I really love that you are an open spirit Estella! You are wonderful. I hope you like this story too and read it up when you’re 14 or so. 😉 We love you so much.

Thank you all for reading! Wish you all a wonderful weekend. Lots of love – Mama Leone.


  • Reply gotti 07/11/2014 at 13:24

    J sone hrzigi offnigi ich wnsch ihre dass si das immer daf phalte :)

  • Mama Leone
    Reply Mama Leone 07/11/2014 at 13:31

    gll 😀 so cute :) ich wnsches ihre au :)

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