What I wish for you my love

Dear Estella Joy

I wish you all the best and biggest luck in this universe, my beloved babygirl. I wish for you to be healthy and happy. About everything, but most important about yourself, no matter what, that you stand behind yourself and stand in for what you believe, fight for the things you think matter.

And that if you are unhappy, you know that you can change that everyday. No, you can change it every minute in your life. And that you know that we sometimes need to be unhappy, to get back in happiness again.

I wish you to be truly 100 percent yourself. There’s no need for a mask, darling. I love you. I always will. I hope you can be yourself and that’s what we train here daily at home. When I do not have the same opinion as you. That’s perfectly fine darling, you don’t have to be a mommy- aka people-pleaser. You just can be you :)

I wish for you to feel comfortable in your skin, that’s why I’m doing my mental-home-work now to feel comfortable in my skin. You see me everyday and you know me very well. I can’t trick you. So I don’t think it would work when I tell you everyday how beautiful you are (I do ;)) and at the same time only critize me, by body or soul. Oh no.

So I want to be and feel beautiful in my soul and body, for me but also for you. So let’s fall in love with ourselfs first.

I wish for you to love yourself 100 percent and I want you to enjoy your life, to have fun on the road, to grow, to smell the flowers and dance in the rain.

I wish for you to grow up without pressure. So I try not to push too much pressure on myself. On you not at all. You are young, you are here to have fun. I hope that’s what you will have everyday in your life. I wish that you know that we as your parents are always there for you. No matter where you are or what you do. Our door and our hearts are wide open for you Estella Joy.

Lots of love, mommy and daddy. <3

Oh, I found this letter from a dad to his daughter. I love this letter a lot. That’s not from me, darling but it still is for you.

Wish you all a wonderful start in this week! <3 Mama Leone.


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      :) <3 endless love!

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