How it all started – Becoming a daddy – his words!

Becoming a daddy

The beginning of this life changing event took place in Lucerne, in the summer of 2012. As our love was still young we were drunk in love. We were floating above ground, experiencing this young and innocent love in its consuming glory. Returning from our trip in southern France in mid-July we still had the Mediterranean vibe in our veins.

Days were flying and we already knew – soul mates that we are – our relationship will be everlasting. The decision came naturally. We wanted to become more than mere two souls in this everlasting stream of love. We wanted to give life, wanted to become family. Only days after we knew that future for us meant more than the sum of two – a little soul already was joining us.

You cannot imagine how I was looking forward to become a daddy. Family was always very important to me – I always wanted to have one on my own. Even though I was faced with fears new to me – so was the situation. But fear does not contribute anything but sorrow. So I did reassure myself that I was more than capable being a daddy my own.

What followed were 38 weeks – and a few days – of taking care of my precious girls. Getting up in the middle of the night became normal – an over emotional better half as well. I came up with energy reserves I did not know I possessed.  Not only did this strengthen the bond between me and my wife I did also learn a lot about myself.

This little story of mine ends April 18th, 2013. My better half awakens me three o’clock in the morning telling me that she feels something and she is going to take a bath… Already falling asleep again I babble something… WHAT?!? 30 minutes later I get woken up again being told that the contractions are intensifying.

Everything becomes very fast and somehow blurry from this point on. I jump out of the bed go to the kitchen while yelling at her she should get ready. Three minutes later I am sipping on a cup of coffee preparing pancakes with contents I can no longer recall. Two hours later we are ready and prepped to go. My wife calls the hospital if we should come over they tell us to wait… We wait another two hours.. My wife can barely stand now and I yell at her we need to go now, NOW! We pack our stuff rush out of the apartment and head to the car. Next stop hospital. The rest is strictly private 😉 it all went wonderful well and we have been blessed with our little star.

Holding you sweet child for the first time in my arms is the best and most intense feeling ever felt to me. Every day in this nearly nineteen months down the road since then is worth its own letter to you Estella Joy. So I end this story here knowing there will be much more to tell when time unfolds. Your daddy.

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