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Hello lovely people

There’s a lot I read during these weeks. So I thought some it might be interesting for you too.

Here is a little list about the links I read this past week

  • I found beautiful freebies to (gift wrap) and print out! Click here for more
  • And a lovely list of things that happy moms do not do! Click on the pics for the original sources.

Oh and some news at our house 😉 We’ve got a new book and it’s so cute. I really recommend it (to your kid) because it’s so sweet to comfort these animals. Since our little girl is walking we also sometimes are in this situation that she falls and hurts a bit. And this is a way to learn about these things. Sometimes we fall, but we can get back up stronger than ever.

Oh and we really do not just blow the pain away, we first always try to accept it one moment and breathe it deep in and out, and then we are ready to let it go. We as adults often have problems with our emotions, and that’s often because our parents reacted in a “wrong”, but well-meant-way to our feelings. They kept telling us we are strong Indians and should not feel our pain or they try to distract us that we stop crying. Sounds familiar? Our idea here is to feel the pain and then let it go. We don’t really believe in the Indians – don’t – feel – pain – approach. So that’s why we always try to live and accept the pain a bit in the first place. But of course we also do the comforting-and-blowing-trick later on.

I wish you a great start of this week and sending you lots of happiness and love!

Mama Leone

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