Thoughts about being vegan – and what I dislike!

Hey how is it going as a vegan? Honestly, the first weeks were pretty tough without my beloved cheese. And I often craved a bit salt. But after some weeks It just went away. And when I googled around I found some very interesting information about that.

When asked about the most missed product, many vegans answer “cheese.”  That’s because cheese contains the addictive opiate morphine. Say what!?! Backstory: In 1981, Eli Hazum and his colleagues at Wellcome Research Laboratories found that morphine is naturally occuring in both human and cow’s milk — to allow the baby cow (or baby human) to feel bonded to its mother, which encourages it to nurse and get its nutrients. The animal protein casein — also found in cheese —  produces opiate effects when digested. Crazy stuff. Isn’t it? Information is from this site

My question for you is have you ever stopped eating Mars, Milky Way, all these sweets that are not so good for your body? If you’re like me you were like ONE IS NOT ENOUGH. I need more then maybe two or three bars. No limit here because the sugar and all the added stuff were like BAAAAAAAAAM! Gimme gimme more! But then I stopped eating these (long time ago) and after one week I missed them, after two weeks still a bit, but after three weeks I did not even crave them anymore. Lately I just tested a tiny bit of a bar and I was like IIIIH. It’s so milky and sticky, but not good. This is really how our brains work. I had the same with cheese, lately I ate one tiny bit of parmesano an I smelled the cow and the milk just tooooooo much! Did not like it anymore. And also have no need to eat it. They call it training of gustative nerve.

So my answer is it is going well vegan. It is going very well. I feel healthy and energetic and I feel that I crave fruits and vegetables, where I used to crave chocolate bars, cheese and stuff. For me it is really a great way to feel great and healthy and that’s what matters most to me.

But what do I dislike about veganism? I would say actually nothing. But maybe a bit the groove, the image, I don’t know about you (except you live in California or in Asia or San Fran) but here the vegan stuff always (!) has such an eco groove, but not in a good way. The products often do not look pretty, the people who are famous vegan cooks or so sometimes really have this do-gooder-image and I don’t like that. Do you know what I mean or is this just me? I don’t get it why vegan, fresh, yummie fruits and vegetables can’t look crazy good in media or restaurants but the groove of veganism often  looks like

When what we vegan can be and what we eat here is more like:

Why is everybody thinking that vegan men look like this? 😉

But did you know that Mike Tyson for example is vegan too? 😉 I really hope that there is no link to veganism and his ear-biting-story! Just joking 😀 But look at that man. He really is a man and vegan:D What I mean is it is for men too, this vegan- thing. It is for stylish- girls too, this vegan-thing. It is for moms, it is for business men, itis for dads, it is for Asian, for Black, for Swiss for whoever wants it. It’s not just for people who care about their environment and are green 😉 For families. And that is what I miss sometimes, that there would be one yummie vegan option to buy at a store or restaurant. I mean why it’s just not normal to make a yummie sandwich with vegetables and a awesome sauce? Instead there is often no vegan option or one with tofu (always the same). But again I think we live in a good time to be vegan! It comes more and more that environment and health is important to stores, entreprises and people in general.

Wish you a wonderful and happy and healthy day! Lots of love Mama Leone

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