Mama & Baby Style Uniforms


Hi lovelies! We are so happy to be back with a Mom- and today also Baby-Style Uniform. Last week we had a lovely day in Zurich where we had fun on the streets. The plan was to go to the playground after a yummy lunch at dean & david (where you can buy fresh almond milk! nomnom). But we never really made it there, because for Estella everything is the playground! 😉 

So yes, we walked along the streets (for hours), in front of nice cafés and commercials and she loved to lay on the floor! YIHA! This was no problem at all since she wore her cool and warm jacket combined with beautiful and comfy trousers from Windelzeit.

A bit more about the trousers: 

  • They are absolutely comfy and too cute I’d honestly would love them myself :) Estella loves to wear them!
  • She is really into the pattern and what we love the most about them is that the butt has a lot of space :) We often buy clothes for her one size larger because we use reusable diapers and they need more space. In this case this was not necessary since the brand is really into reusables and produces fair trade organic cotton clothes for baby and mama. A SHOUTOUT from us! They also work great if your baby wears tights. The brand sais that there are no nasty chemicals against your child’s skin and you get a nice warm fuzzy feeling knowing that te farmers and the planet get a better deal too. 😉

What I wore in Zurich:

  • Comfy coat (H&M)
  • Leo scarf
  • Mom jeans (Tally Weijl)
  • Leo sneakers

She wore:

  • Lovely purple jacket
  • Pink wind jacket
  • Trousers from Frugi 
  • Shoes from FILA

As you can see below, she really likes testing new trousers 😉


Hallo Ihr Lieben! Heute sind wir mal wieder mit einem Mom- & (zur Abwechslung) Baby- Style Uniform Bericht da! Die Hose die meine Kleine trägt, ist von und echt wundervoll angenehm zu tragen.

Absolute Highlights:

  • Der Stoffwindelpopo hat viel Platz 😉 und wir mussten nicht wie sonst eine Nummer grösser wählen. Auch kann man noch locker eine Strumpfhose drunter anziehen.
  • Die Marke ist nicht nur organisch und Fair-Trade sondern legt auch grossen Wert auf viel Platz für die Stoffwindler unter uns! Frugi spendet 1 % vom Umsatz an Umwelt-Charity um dem Planeten zu helfen!

Wie ihr sehen könnt, testet Estella liebend gerne neue Kleider. Egal ob in der Stadt oder im Wald 😀 Noch so gerne auf unterschiedlichen Böden. 

What I wore in Nature:

  • Comfy leoprinted coat (H&M Amsterdam)
  • Yellow scarf (thrifted)
  • Black cap
  • Light jeans (Tally Weijl)
  • Colorful boots (Tally Weijl)

She wore:

  • Lovely purple jacket
  • Pink wind jacket
  • Trousers from Frugi 
  • Boots
  • Pink cap

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