A colorful & montessori inspired play corner!

Welcome to our little colorful and Montessori inspired play corner 

Making a Montessori-inspired corner is super easy and here is a glimpse into ours and as well some tricks

Let’s start from left to right

  • Matress on the floor as the base to the relaxing cuddle corner (I added some pillows and her stuffed animals to it)
  • A mirror on one wall as baby’s love to look at faces. Please choose your mirror carefully (a safety mirror is best) and make sure that it is securely attached to the wall. We found out that she loves to play with it in Amsterdam and now it’s still a cool toy, but I found that babies are more interested in mirrors than toddlers. 
  • Wood toys (Wood is an important material according to Montessori, we do not only use wood here, but wood is a material we love to play with!) 
  • Basket for toys and stuff (kids have a natural need for organizing their stuff) 
  • Log of woods to build and play and destroy and build and play 😉

Here you can see the shelf boards

Daddy recently added them and they really give order to the corner. On the shelfs we have

  • little baskets
  • wood toys as this xylophone
  • we also keep things here from nature as this nut and some stones we collected at the river.
  • I also added some colorful images to her corner
  • and the books 

  • Here you can see her Schleich Animals 

Please note this is only an Montessori inspired playground. There are also other elements in it. Like color, which is pretty important to me (for me personally, my kid and my home) I love it colorful. I feel that a little color inspires us to be creative. I also have a feeling that a “real” Montessori place would be even better organized, maybe a bit more separated. The cuddling-relaxing-zone from the activity-zone and so on. We also do use other material than woods, I have a feeling that too much plastic isn’t the real deal but I like my kid to have different options in materials. 

The wood-table

is handmade by Daddy and we will soon add a chair to this corner and I can see her there coloring and home-style-cooking 😉 in the near future.

Also here to see the matching-socks-game ! Is it only us or do all the wash machines around the world eat our socks? Next to them you can see her musical instruments and a discovery box with lots of different things like key chain, braceletts, a peg, just random things she loves to play with!

And her wooden ball path

And here are my tips / elements to think about when you arrange a Montessori inspired playcorner or room:

  • Try to see things from your child’s perspective (so sit down and look around – what do you discover=)?)
  • Look what works best for your family
  • Arrange things that your child can easy get to them – freedom of movement
  • Always think of order and independence – Can your child organize his/her stuff?
  • Think of comfort (great light, pillows, matress, also carpets, blankets) and safety!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe you want to include one or two of these elements in your kids’ playcorner, or maybe you already do. Let me know! Happy Tuesday folks and enjoy your day!

Lots of love

Mama Leone

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