How to live your dream! And reasons why you do not!

Let’s be honest for a moment. Who out there is really living his / her dream? I’d love to hear it from you. Come on contact me for my new column inspiring people and spread the word about this awesome experience.

So this is to everybody else, why don’t do you live your dream? What is holding you back? While you sure do not have to answer this to me, make you sure you don’t lie to yourself.

I believe that we are pretty much in a matrix 😉 like living in programs day by day. Allday long. Always the same story, living in our cages, dreaming of things, but no courage to fullfill them. And I can only talk for me, but the more I free(d) myself of society’s or family’s expectations, the more I am happy. And the clearer becomes my vision of my magical beautiful life. The more you are in these programs, the less you dare to be yourself, instead you have like 12 roles. The ambitious student, the perfect wive, the good good friend, the loyal worker, the sexy mistress, the sweet daughter, the whatever. But who really knows how you really are?

So here some questions to ask you:

What is holding you back? Go get to the bottom of this question. Go back into your childhood (often a bit painful but so liberating) and look what happens. This can be simple scentences from people you love(d). Unaware placed but they grew inside you.

For example the following things:

  • To travel the world you need at least 50’000 Swiss Francs
  • Never get married. Men are all the same!
  • You should always work 100 % and not just in a part time job, this way you’ll have more money!
  • As an author it is very hard – pretty much impossible to make a living
  • This woman only wants your money!
  • Before you have children live a happy life and do that as
  • People who work from themselves are always working and never home!
  • You have to wait for years and work your ass off and then maybe you have a chance to get your promotion

Yes I do understand the person who told you about travelling made this experience that travelling is not inexpensive, okay. But do you know that there are people who travel without money? Yeah right. Without money 😀 They walk around this planet. They hitchhike. They work a bit and then go on.

Then number two, I understand that the woman who got cheated by her husband and had an ugly divorce is not the one who still believes in love. Which is soo sad, you can’t just make your opinion based on one single experience! I had men in my life who were assholes, sorry the word 😉 and I had men who were oh so wonderful! These experiences do not have much in common. But yes I understand that people got hurt by other ones, so was I. You can either just forget your dreams and be unhappy about this all your life, or you can heal yourself and grow on these things. Also very important to realize here is the fact: That the experience your friend made, your mom made, your dad made, your sister made, is not your path.

The one who was unemployed or had not a lot of money in his life (comming from a poor family) will sure give you advice based on (wrong) security = money. If it’s your dream to work part-time it is your turn to decide how you make it work and calculate it all.

While this one might be true for a lot of authors, it is just their experience. This. Has. Nothing. To. Do. With. You! Maybe you can make it work. Maybe you will make money. A lot of money. Maybe you will not. Sure you will grow on each experience. But one thing I can garantue you is: You will NEVER find it out, if you don’t give yourself a try!

Yes I heard of woman who were only into the money. This is a sad story itself. But only because one man or two got hurt by these women, this has not to be you! Who told you this? Make a little check and look around. Are these your real friends? Do they know your relationship? Is it really about the money? If yes and that’s fine with you, enjoy. If no and that’s fine with you enjoy! It is your life! But you sure feel if you are loved because of yourself or because of the things you bring.

This one actually came from a (not-so-close) relative of mine. And it was like, yeah, we only live our lives before we have kids. HA! So what the heck is wrong with people who give such advise? Why should I have fun before having kids? What about HAVE FUN ALL YOUR LIFE! This is my advice 😀 I want to have fun when I’m 80 and I want to have fun when I’m 25 and every single day in between and before. Having fun, travelling around, living your dream, having a career, being in a great marriage, being a lovely friend, doing some cool stuff should not be limited and is all compatible with having kids. Because it would be super sad to be a cool woman all life til you’re a mom and then you’re like only at home, ironing all day and never ever have fun again 😀 Of course you share a lot of your time and you need some organization and support but live your life everyday please. Not only til you’re a parent.

Yes it might be true that self-employed people work a lot. No doubt about that. But have you ever imagined that these people love love love what they do? That’s probably why they do it 😉 But if you manage to organize it all you make time for the things that are important in your life. You always will. Or you won’t! It’s a question of your character and not a question of your job.

Yeah welcome to the 21st century grandpa! Today this statement is not true anymore I am sorry. It might be true that there are still companies in which this is the approach but there are 200 million other ways today. The world is pretty different today. There are a lot of ways to live your dream.

So here’s my top ten:

  1. Ask yourself what do I (really) want? And go for it! In babysteps. Don’t be (too) hard on you. Also if you move back. Be patient with yourself!
  2. Surround yourself with your kind of people. The ones who are good for you. For everybody else your time is too precious! The good people will help you, support you, be there for you. And maybe share your dream.
  3. Do what you’re good in and the success will follow. Tell me about your passion! Things that make you happy, crazy and energetic! This is your passion and when you’re following this path you will have success or a lot of experiences. Or both. But believe in what you are passionate about. This is meant for you!
  4. Read about others, who made their dream come true. Get inspired! Watch movies, read books, feel this energy!
  5. Stop making excuses and look at them and find out why they are there!
  6. Determine what your ideal life looks like! Who is involved in this? What makes you happy in this life? Where are you living? How is the weather? What do you feel? What looks your perfect day like? Imagine it! Again and again and again. The subconscious mind will aspire it.
  7. Always remember this: If you do not build your dream. Somebody else will come – maybe is als ready there – to pay you for building his dreams! That’s just a fact.
  8. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will! Before you say no no no no. Just try! You can’t talk about it if you don’t know it!

9. Don’t compare another ones end to your beginning. What I mean is if you see someone who already has his own business and is so happy about it. Don’t compare to this person at his stage right now. Chances are pretty good that he/she also doubted a lot in the beginning of his journey. We should anyway not compare journeys.

  1. Leave the gatekeepers. People who tell you what you can’t do and holding you back from your true passion! If you are not yet ready to leave, just distance yourself a bit. Look at it all from a new point of view!

Want more? I wrote about travel inspiration here, about comfort zone here and here’s my list of books for growth

Happy Wednesday folks! I will soon open up a bit more about my dreams and my progress on this journey.

Lots of love

Mama Leone

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