Estella and me

Things I want to remember

I want to remember how it feels to lie close to you each night, to hear you breathing, and holding your hand. To know this is my girl and I am her mother. 

I want to remember the feeling I get when you walk right into the door into my open arms. When I haven’t seen you for an hour or two.

I want to remember how your soft kisses feel, the lovely ones you give me, just because. Out of pure love.

I want to remember how you smell, the smell of babies is just very special and awesome and of course you’re not really a baby anymore.

I want to remember the funny things you do, like hiding behind the curtains and offering other toddles my breastmilk, or walking with your feet on my feet because you think this is so funny.

I want  to remember you, my darling. Just  the way you are. Happy, full of energy, wild, free and artistic. You are so wonderful. 

I want to remember that you now think I am so important in your life. Because I am. But I know this won’t last forever. Not in this way and that’s good.

I want to remember that you want to stand on our table and think sitting on a chair is not neccessary, because I know these things won’t last forever. 

I want to remember you how we’re breastfeeding and you offer it to your little petit (dolls) because we’re all family! 

I want to remember how you say MAMA when you do your app-game and the animal is called Llama, but you’re just so sure that it was MAMA 😀 awesooome! 

I want to remember how you say hello / hallo like you say it HAO! 

I want to remember how it feels to be your mama. It is really wonderful! 

I want to remember you and me walking hand in hand, because I know I am only here to attend you for a few years. I am here to hold you, love you and support you. And I know one day it is all up to you and you live your life the way you want to live it, and I look forward for you to grow because I know this is what it is about:

“There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I want to give you roots and I know that you will fly my darling! And should you ever doubt my love, I hope you can still read this blog (in your teenage-years) and feel my love. 

My alpha, my first daughter, my source of inspiration I love you deeply! 

Your Mama (Leone)


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