10 things a new born (&) mom needs

What we all need is good friends that are here. To help. With whatever the new mom or her baby or the new dad may need. So if you are a good friend and want to win my award friend of the year. Let’s go here are my personal tipps to make a new family happy! 

  •  No judgement. But help. Come with love or not at all. You see that the floors aren’t clean? Well yeah, now it’s your turn. You may help the new family out with a cleaning session while they walk a little round in the neighborhood.
  • .Bring some great food. Bring over some lovely food. The first days are often busy, just because all is new you know and everyone has to grow in its role. So bring over some food. The best is fresh and healthy food if you ask me.
  • Offer your help to buy some purchases. They will need things. Maybe diapers. Nursing pads. Other things like that. Ask if you can bring some of these things.
  •  Spoil the mom! Bring over a lovely face mask or a good cream for her body. You can be sure she went through a lot the last days and everything that helps her to feel comfortable in her body is wonderful and sure welcome. 
  • Spoil the dad! Often people forget the fathers. Maybe your hubby is a father too, so let them connect and talk about the father – stuff. And how they feel. Or bring a little father gift. 
  • Wash your hands before holding the baby. 
  • Just do it. You know a lot of parents are quite insecure about the bacteria and microbes. It’s normal. It’s their baby so just adapt to what they need. 
  •  Don’t expect too much!
  • You just go over to visit and to bring love and your best wishes. So don’t expect more. Just give. 
  •  Do not just look and talk about the baby!
  • Ask about the mom and the dad and (especially!) older kids too. If you like you could bring a little gift for the older child(ren). They sure are happy with every attention they get, because they all have to grow in their new roles. 
  • Don’t visit too often or too long! 
  • The new family needs time to connect. 
  • Bring over funny and happy movies. They sure can use them while relaxing a bit in the evening!  

Thanks for being a good good friend!

Happy Thursday, Mama Leone. 


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    wahr isch

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      Sounds like you know what I’m talking about 😀

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