A starter’s guide into a healthy life & a typical shopping list


Hello everybody. Thank you for being here once again. I am here with the second part of the starters guide into a healthy life. Here are my answers to questions like: How can you live without cheese? 😉 Ha! Some years ago I could never imagine to live without it too. I totally feel you. But you know what? After some weeks, it’s gone – it’s like getting over an ex-boyfriend.  (Not your first big love- more the quicky-asshole-kind-of-relationship :D) Was that a bad example? 😀 I am sorry. 


It’s true it was not always easy the first few days. I also know from other vegans that they had several trials to let cheese go. I craved lots of salt the first days. I ate salty chips, pistachio and also pretzel sticks.  Crazy how addicted we are, after this stuff, right? Did you know that this is because of the hormones in cheese, which are made from the cow for her calve – to connect. And because the calve does not really get the milk, it’s us that bond with the milk/cheese ;).

So I suggest you if you try to live without cheese and it’s not really working out for the first time – Try a cleanse. Juice your body for a week  or two – get your toxic stuff out of your body and refresh. If you do that you will have no problems going dairy-free.

I really do not want to preach about veganism. I just want to show some recipes and ways we make this thing work at our home.  That’s also the reason I’m postin so many recipes up here the last few weeks 😉 

Vegan shopping list 

For those of you wondering, this is a glimpse into a typical shopping list we have each week. 

vegan shoppoing list

 You can see that we eat pretty healthy stuff 😉 don’t we?  This is just a little part of our weekly list. We also buy spinache, soya cream, beetroot and even much more. 

Vegan Food Pyramide

wondering-about (7)


Do you find time to balance it all?

Anyways vegan or not what I find important in a healthy life is balance. I try to do yoga several times a week, go jogging once to twice a week and find some me-time while my kid is asleep. Also do I love to go for a nice evening walk with the whole family, or having a drink with my beloved husband in the evening. I also tried acupuncture in the past, and I enjoy massages from my love :) 

Through the days I drink lots of water and also green tea. I eat almonds, drink smoothies and like to go out and catch a bit of sunshine. How do you do it in balancing your life?  Happy to hear your tricks.



  • Reply nomadissima 16/01/2015 at 08:27

    haha I love your comparison with the ex-boyfriend 😀
    and also the list of the protein and calcium, very simple and clear!

  • Mama Leone
    Reply Mama Leone 16/01/2015 at 09:34

    thank you dear :) ! It’s true, isn’t it? 😉 or was it a bad example :)? Thanks for your support.

  • Reply nomadissima 18/01/2015 at 10:47

    it was a really good example :) love

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