Peaceful Parenting!


You know these questions in the beginning be like:

Is she a good baby? 

Oh yes! She is the best baby ever!

So how is it going? 

She does not sleep through the night because she has a need and she is able to tell me her need, you know most of the time, it’s simple- me, my milk or just holding hands.

And is she kind? Is she a quiet baby? 

She is the kindest type. She is so kind that she values honesty so much; meaning if she needs something she is so ready to tell it to me. 

Is she an easy kid?

Well, not really. But the best things in life are not always the easy ones 😉 


While everyone has his own style in parenting, I want to remember all parents out there

Be patient with your little ones! And with yourself. 

My girl is absolutely strong-willed, and while this is not always easy, I support her in her own will. Even if we have opposite opinions. She does not have to see everything in her life the same way as her momma. 




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