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 Hello and welcome to my corner of the internet! 

I am Deborah and this is the Mama Leone Blog the place to be for YOU! No matter where your spirit comes from. This is a place for women & men, who dare to dream out loud & to balance it all. Love, relationships, parenthood & individual callings. If you came here to work with me please read more here

It is even more, an online destination for everybody who wants to get inspired by a happy parenting life(style). We are one loving family with traveller-souls & big hearts, living our dreams and working towards them everyday. Everything you find on this blog is either here to make your life happier, healthier or easier. On this blog we focus on the good good things in life, in family & relationships. We want to help you connect with yourself, your kids & everyone you love. Our mission is to inspire. We want you to leave these pages with an inspired lucky heart. Come join us on our journey, it is fun!


 A bit of background information 

When I talked about my pregnancy with random people or just shared little pieces of our happy lives, I often was not understood, I heard comments like: you’re so young, why are you already a mom? Or even better: Why didn’t you enjoy your life first a bit before doing this? And while today this makes me laugh :) I found it also a bit sad back in the days. Is this the image our society has of parents? Boring people who can not longer go after their dreams and are unable to have fun?  OH no! Not for me. You came to the right place to prove them all wrong.

We’re happy, funny and we enjoy our lives to the fullest! I want to show people that parenthood is not something unexciting boring which you are unable to do in young years. Life is what you make out of it and we decide that we want an awesome adventurous life with lots of fun, love, luck and experiences! Let’s go on this road together.



Hey it’s true I am a vegan ;-)! I woke up last summer and decided to do it! But hey, this not only a blog for vegans. I am very open (and working on my openness!) and I encourage you to be open too. Of course we support the happy & healthy vegan lifestyle. And we show you how we rock that thing. Please note this is not a place to discuss wether things are right or wrong. Veganism is the way to go for me and if you don’t like that that’s totally okay. And if you don’t like my page, you better go some place online you love.  Read more in the FAQ.



On this blog you will find between four to six updates each week. I am happy that you are here :-) And oh, if you find some spelling errors you can keep them :-) Please forgive me, I am not native to the English language.



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