Why is your blog’s name Mama Leone? What’s this all about?

Mama Leone is a nickname. My name is Deborah. Quite funny but a few people always called me Mama 😉 and the Leone / the lion mom is what I feel like since I am a mother.


Why are you blogging? What’s your message?

I am blogging because I want to spread the word about things I care about. Like living a happy life, healthy lifestyle choices, positive healthy parenting, living dreams and being a happy family. And I feel (sometimes) like I have to write. 


Where do you live? Is it Amsterdam or Switzerland? I’m a bit confused about that one, because in one blog post you’re in Switzerland and in another one you call Amsterdam your home.

We live in Switzerland at the moment. But for almost one year we used to call the windy & funky city of Amsterdam, our home. We moved back to Switzerland in Summer 2014.


How was your life back in Amsterdam? Why did you not stay there? It must have been lovely.

Oh indeed, it was a cool time! But I also sometimes struggled a bit about the fact that we were so far away from family & friends. But the city itself is lovely, magical and a wonderful fit for artists too. Anyways my hubby had a financial project going on there and after the project we moved back.

The life was cool, we lived pretty much in the centre of the city next to coffeeshops and vintage stores. We met lovely people and had fun enjoying the international restaurants. We would have had the opportunity to stay there but we had a feeling that new adventures are waiting for us on another place. We decided to go back to Switzerland to look for new opportunities. 


How old are you ?

I turned 25, this autumn (2014).


Are you vegan? I am confused because often your recipes are vegan and then I saw some cheese.

I am. I used to be flexitarian, meaning I ate cheese (& even meat)  from time to time. I’m milkfree since Estella is one month old. Anyways since summer 2014 I am vegan and I love it! You can read my story here. 


Why eating plant-based (vegan)?

For your health and also for the planet. This may sound hippie but it’s true. I’m thankful that more and more people realize this and also try part-time-veganism which I find a great idea too. Peta gives info here and even more here or here or here or here. To be honest I was afraid of veganism and what people would think and I was inspired by people who were pretty normal and beautiful and still business owner etc.  It’s exactly one year since I’m vegan and I feel better, more honest, clearer and guilt-free and I love my animals! :) If you want to more details about the topic watch this it’s really great!


Do you feel like you promote a vegan lifestyle and that this the only way to go? 

I feel like living as vegan is a really wonderful thing and I am happy that it gets more and more socially acceptable, I like that I can buy vegan stuff almost at every corner now. Back to the question: For me it’s the only way to live. That’s true. But I want to tell you that I try not to judge other human beings and their behaviour. We’re all on our own journey and we all need time to quit old and trained behaviour.

Becoming a mother made me softer and more sensitive. I am so happy for this :)! I used to be tough and even hard sometimes. I don’t want to  be like this anymore. I have compassion for my (animal) friends and I love them lots. 

Anyway, I don’t believe in only one way! Everyone has its own way to go. I know that lots of readers are non-vegan but still like to cook my recipes and I think that’s wonderfu and I love that you try yourself in part-time veganism. I am here if you have questions or look for inspiration, I’m not here to be a preacher 😀 ! Sure is I always had strong opinions and probably always will have. 


I’m not vegan, but I love your blog anyway, I’m a bit concerned, is veganism now everything you write about?

Thanks so much for the kind words. No, I definitely plan on blogging about much more. I really  find me interested in topics like: parenthood, happiness, art, films, society, business, dreams, relationships and much more. But my love for food is huge :-) I admit it.


I’m not a vegan, but I’d like to try it for a week or two. Any tipps?

So cool to hear you’re open to this. Congratulations! This could be helpful. And these awesome recipes and I suggest you start day by day. See how you feel and don’t go for too much substitutes. Try lots of smoothies – they give you superpowers. And go for new yummie and healthy stuff like Quinoa, couscous, peas, chickpeas, broccoli-soup, avocado-toast, fresh pineapple and cherries, try making your own nut milk which is so yummie. But if it’s all a bit too complicated just start with lots of yummie salads, spinach, 


Do you want to live by the sea? I read that once on your blog.

Yes that one is 100 % true. We are working for our goal to live at the sea, with a big garden and our own animals and maybe our own wine too. With a lot of space for our kids, the animals and our projects. To live as naturally and aware as possible. Until living at the sea, we like to live wherever our hearts say YES. Since leaving Amsterdam, we really miss the city-vibe. But we also love the nature! 


Are you planning on having more children?

Yes we are. We love our house filled with laughter and mess 😀 but we also realized that it is very intense. We want to give each kid the time and closeness it needs so we are still negotiating the number :) But we sure want more! 


 How do you feel about the fact that your kid is appearing in your blog?

I think nowadays it’s important to be sensitive about the photos we all take of our children and posting them on whichever social media channel. These are very special times and I don’t believe that we can’t keep of from our digital foodprints. We also need to teach our children a responsive handling with the internet. Anyway, this blog is a love letter to my family and we decided to let our daughter be a part of this blog, because she is simply the biggest part of my life. We are very aware about what we post up here about her and how often.


Do you have a job?

Yes I do have a job. I am a passionate full-time-mom of a miracle-sunshine-kid and to be here for my daughter is very very important to me. I do also work part-time on this blog, on my first book and on other creative projects soon to be released. I believe a good balance of my needs and my family’s makes us very very happy and is the right fit for us!


What do you do for living?

 I am a mom, which is the best paid job in the entire world (paid with pure love!) and I also call myself a photographer, artist and sometimes even a writer. I worked with GUESS Watches for a while, now focussing on my own projects: this blog, my book and my art. But there is a lot more I think and dream and work about. Collections, columns, an online-shop, collaborations with great brands and the most important being around my kid and hubby. 


Seven months just for the three of you as a family :) How did you do it? Did you save money? Our dream is it to be able to take some time off and go traveling with our daughter and to both stay at home for 1-3 months by the time a second baby arrives (Switzerland really needs some progress in regards to “Vaterschaftsurlaub” or “Elternzeit”!!)

 Thank you dear, it simply was. My husband works in the financial sector and he had a gap between two ongoing-projects. It was not precisely planned, but then very welcoming. He had also three months paid where he already was off his job in Amsterdam.  Of course we adapted our lifestyle on simpleness and did not spend thousands of money. When you plan to travel around you probably need a bit more money, I guess. But also there are some tricks, cheap traveling, renting your home back here and so on.  Some time only for the family is magical!  We loved it to live simply and so very close together. And yes you are absolutely right Switzerland needs some progress.


 How was it to be together 24/7? What did you do to avoid the typical “getting on each other’s nerves” problem? Or maybe that wasn’t any problem at all with you guys? Did you have fixed periods where one of you got to have some time for herself/himself?

 My hubby and I we are both people that need lots of closeness and with that said it was not really a problem. You know, sometimes there are those moments when everything comes at the same time and it all can be a bit overwhelming,  and then we talked and gave us some time.  However, after some months we made mom- or dad-days and rotated, then we also gave us throughout the days some time( for example when baby had afternoon nap, I sometimes joined her and he had an hour or two for himself and so on). We also made sure to have datenights from time to time (Thank god for loving grandmoms!)


I love your flowercrown, where can I buy one?

My flower crown on the pics boho at the river, is from H&M. 


(How) do you make money from your blog?

YES. This is a FOR-PROFIT-BLOG. I am fortunate to be at home with my kid and future kids, working on my dream-projects and helping support my family a bit. In the future I want to work closely with some VERY GOOD FITS (partners/sponsors) to share more of my favorites with my readers. I do sell banner advertisements and host paid giveaways and I use affiliate links.

 Also do I work with brands I love. And only with brands I love. When I work with them on a project it’s stated as advertorial. 


What’s your background? Did you study?

No I did not. I chose a different path in my career, and made an apprenticeship as a business woman / merchant. I do not want to work in this area again, that’s clear, but it taught me a lot and I like the term business woman – or business mom :) I did not study at a university, but I learned lots trough e-courses about social media, blogging, e-business, veganism and this whole new world.


Thank you for reading 😀 I will be updating the FAQ’s on a regular basis. If you have additional questions poppin’ up feel free to contact me: deborah@mamaleoneblog.com

This post is also available in: German

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